If you are looking for the next Spanish-speaking rising star, we’ve got your back. We recently discovered Edel MJ, a Higher Living Music signee, who just debuted his career with the track and music video “Three Hearts.” 

His unique touch deploys its sonic design through a savvy blend of trap and reggaeton. The music video shot for the single is the visual storytelling we have all experienced or heard of sometimes in our lives, that of a ‘love trio,’ in which infidelity comes as a reminder than nothing in this life should be taken for granted. Edel MJ can be spotted having fun with a girl who is already committed to someone, and the young artist does not seem to have a problem with it. He might even feel like there’s an extra thrill to the situation. 

With instrumentals that drift in a dreamy fashion, “Three Hearts” lays the cornerstone of Edel’s upcoming career with a nuanced, subtle yet extremely powerful song that will clearly cause some heavy damage to the music scene worldwide. 

Based in LA, he is set to release more music throughout the year, and we can’t wait for it already!