With a flamboyant sound that’s reminiscent of the funk filled frenzy of jubilance that is Pharrell Williams, the Dallas native Bran Movay leaves an instant impression with his vibrant fun-filled sound that takes the best of classic funk and contemporary hip hop to form his insatiable soundscape. His buoyantly optimistic sonic identity has a magnetising appeal that brightens up any cloudy day with his carefree lyrical delivering creating a rapturous affair that will easily have you grinning from ear to ear with his infectious joy. The 21st century man’s EP Flower Talk II defied expectations with its feel good message and uplifting atmosphere that leaves an everlasting impact, but there was one track that injected us with serotonin instantly.

Hips Talks is an animated number with a high spirited production of swashbuckling rhythmic beats and theatrically dazzling melodies that get your head bopping and body moving instantly. His dynamic confident flow only adds to feel good vibes with the charisma he offers filling those lyrics with rich personality that bounces of the scintillating soundscape and has me fully invested within this extravagant sonic delight. Then you’ve got the music video which is just the cherry on top with the cinematic retro visual that feels like it could’ve come straight out of a movie. Hips might talk, but the world will soon be talking about Bran Movay.