New York City artists BriGuel released their new single, “It’s A Story.” 

BriGuel explained the message behind the song through the storytelling, “about a girl and a boy, both going through life transformations from darkness to light. Only after experiencing their twisted worlds and lost paths are they able to find each other and grow and change.”

The music video features a compilation of one thousand images by the photographer Roey Yohai shot over a 2 year timespan, giving the video a stop-motion effect. 

“Too often, we see Women in music videos as objects, scantily clad, twerking or simply as decorations for male counterparts they elevate; here we present Woman in all her glory, majesty and honor: filled with the miracle of life! So in honor of Women’s History Month, we share our Story, “It’s A Story,” further explained BriGuel. 

The well-known artists have been receiving positive press from the biggest music blogs including PAPER, Wonderland, The Source, and Rap-Up

With over 1 million streams and views accumulated by their previous releases, BriGuel continue their rise in music thanks to a single bolstered by soothing rhythms, warm basslines, and an electro-groove feel that wraps-up “It’s a Story” with an incredibly solemn aura. 

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