Singer-songwriter and composer Amirah released her latest single titled “Tell Me” thereby building anticipation for her upcoming releases.

Inspired by her own devastation over the desecration of churches and mosques in Malaysia after clashes between Christians and Muslims “Katakanlah” was born. She took Malaysia by storm with a hit single that was her first major step towards recognition and popularity.
When Malaysia was embroiled in one of the most severe political scandals in its history, another ode titled “You Are My Land” that spoke to the souls of all Malaysian people was created by Amirah. Depicting the pain of the people that were caught in the political turmoil of the country, Amirah skillfully managed to give the song a timeless quality that allowed her pacifist message to truly shine.

Following her passion for fusing pop music with traditional instruments, building bridges between eastern and western cultures, Amirah is a representative of the Global Hybrid Pop genre who presents us with her latest project “Tell Me.” She continues fulfilling her mission as a lyrical healer and an artist calling out for peace, tolerance, and most importantly unity. This quest for unity is particularly powerful and inspiring in the dramatic single that is set to unite us all, despite our polarized world.

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