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On the 29th Saturn the planet of limitations, boundaries and hard work will go retrograde in Pisces, the planet of intuition, spirituality and deep emotional undercurrents.
As you know retrogrades means that a planet is spinning backwards physically and energetically allowing us space to finish what we started.

This combo is amplified by the fact that Pisces is ruled by Neptune (planet of the mystidal realm) and Juputer (the planet of abundance) which means that the collective is in for a serious spiritual awakening.

This also means that those who work in the healing/spiritual/metaphysical arts are set to make quite a bit of income – however- if someone is fake who works in this space – they will also be revealed to the masses.

The best way to work with this energy which will last until November 15th is to one cultivate a daily spiritual practice. This can be meditation, journaling, Yoga, tarot card pulling etc.

And this is also a great time to go after big financial goals that may have been sidelined in the past. In addition to the fact that you can also start a lot of new projects at this time and expect them to flourish right after November 15th.

Also expect more drama around celebrity revelations especially those that work in religion, big pharma, tech and the music industry.

This week I took a deep dive into each astrological sign to see how this transit will affect everyone.
Tap in…

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Source:Tommy de Yampert

Under this auspicious transit, you’re set to go on a rocky road of transformation that will ultimately lead you to inner peace. Now while this may seem scary – be aware that it is not- what makes it scary is that many of you will intuitively want to fight the flow of things. Don’t do this. Remain open and curious. And overstand that you will be shedding an old version of yourself, along with any of the major players and themes in your life thus far. Again, not easy, but rarely are things that are truly valuable, easy.

RED FLAG: Be prepared for some drama at work – possibly indirectly tied to you. Be sure to overlook all work submitted by yourself and anyone you manage.

SWEET SPOT: Now would be a great time to get a psychic reading to get a deeper outlook as to how you can best take advantage of this Saturn Retrograde. Especially because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn so this transit will affect ya’ll more than most signs (outside of Pisces that is.)


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Brace yourself for a season of healing chaos. Like Capricorn, this Saturn in Retrograde of Pisces is gonna “knock everything over” in your ‘lil life so that you can get to the root of what really serves you. Whereas  Capricorns are being pushed to openness and inner peace through this process, y’all are being pushed to your POWER. Now as you’re reading this – you need to tap into your feelings and see how it makes you feel. Many people are afraid of their own personal power for various reasons while others embrace it seamlessly. Which camp do you stand in? This message will also apply to those with Aquarian moons and Mercury.

RED FLAG: Pleasure seeking has its benefits but it also needs to have its boundaries as it can become an addictive sport. During this time it’s important that you monitor your actions and reflect on them in real time.

SWEET SPOT: Being diligent at this time will have many benefits going forward. Take a pause and look at where you’ve fallen off with your discipline and then work to get back into alignment.


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Babbbby, ya’ll up! This transit can truly be what you make it, specifically because it’s in your sign which is co-ruled by Jupiter (planet of abundance) and Neptune (planet of spirituality). The cards point to breaking out into brand new careers, possibly moving abroad, and developing your intuition to the highest levels yet. For those of you who are spiritually inclined, now is a great time to find a mentor or enter a specialized meditation or yoga program. Possibly through a study abroad course.

RED FLAG: Foreign lands are probably gonna start calling your name once this transit kicks in, however, you must use heavy discernment — before just dipping out as some places won’t really harness the magick that you seek. With that in mind, look into getting an Astrocartography reading to help find out where you could live your best life.

SWEET SPOT: You really are entering a period of massive growth on the spiritual level. If this resonates with you, then pull a few tarot cards or swing your pendulum for deeper insight as to how you can maximize this time period.


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Freedom will be a major theme for you under this transit. You’ll be going deeply inward to figure out what freedom looks and more importantly feels like to you. A simple strategy will be to do daily third eye-opening meditations so that you can tap in more deeply with your inner mystic and be guided as to how to get into and stay in an intuitive flow. Also, many of you under this extended transit will become more sensitive and possibly recognize that you are indeed an Empath. To find out more about being an Empath tap into the book: The Empath Survival Guide by Judith Orloff.

RED FLAG: Hyperfocus at work (or getting a job) will do you a world of good at this time and get you noticed by higher-ups.

SWEET SPOT: Hit Amazon up and grab a 7-day Money candle and light it on the 29th to call in abundance in all of the ways it wishes to show up for you.


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A gateway of major change will open up for you on the 29th. This is exciting news as many of you have been seeking change on the subconscious level which often looks like feeling out of sorts, not being motivated, and a general ho-hum vibe about life in general. Get ready to be thrust into a whole new timeline of your life on the 29th. The best way to harness this powerful energy is to trust your intuition and then spend a few days prior and on the 29th literally visualizing what you want to happen for you over the next four months under this transit.

RED FLAG: Be mindful of the company you keep, especially from the 29th forward. The people around you will influence your energy which can influence anything you’re trying to manifest.

SWEET SPOT: To amplify what I’m seeing for you this week – grab an Open Road candle from Amazon or your local botanica and on the 29th light it and journal all of the big and small goals you want to achieve in the next four months. Let this candle burn continuously if you can or blow it out and relight it daily while focusing on your goals.


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You guys are some lucky duckies! This transit will be supported by the energy of Jupiter (the planet of luck and abundance) because it co-rules Pisces and it’s currently stationed in Gemini for the next year. Whoot! This means you’ve got the grand opportunity to thrive in all areas of your life – however, you must stay flexible. Many of your blessings may at first seem like pain points or not look like much – but give them time to bloom and you’ll be surprised as to where they lead. LIke Taurus take advantage of this energy by getting an Open Road candle and then writing down everything you’d like to manifest over this transit.

RED FLAG: It’s important this week to protect your energy. Wear a piece of Black Tourmaline crystal and sage yourself and your home every day when you return from the outside.

SWEET SPOT: This is an opportune time to learn some core money magick rituals. You can pick up my DIY Money Magick course at


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Adventures are the theme for you with this powerful transit. Spirit wants you to take adventures of all stripes, every chance you get. Why? Because through the various shenanigans, you’ll meet new people and even more importantly new versions of yourself. In other words, say “yes” more often this summer and look for the lesson in every experience. Treat yourself to a nice leather-bound journal or a recording device as you’ll be receiving some powerful psychic insights about yourself and the trajectory of your life. Honestly this is super exciting! How do you feel about it?

RED FLAG: If you’re having lingering health issues, they may flare up this week – don’t ignore your health.

SWEET SPOT: Your home appears to need some purification and a bit more greenery. Open your windows and mop with Florida water and then treat yourself to a few easy-to-care-for plants.

8. LEO

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The best thing you can do at this time is go into stillness. This can be done via daydreaming, meditation, or taking a few extra minutes in bed before rolling out of it. Spirit is guiding you towards stillness because you’re in a period of inner growth and that requires quiet and stillness so that you can receive the downloads from your Higher Self that is needed at this time to guide your future.

RED FLAG: Embracing someone’s abrasive personality must have its limits. Try to figure out when you’ve had enough and let them know as respectfully as possible. This appears to be an intrusive family member or a nosey co-worker.

SWEET SPOT: Wearing more white and bringing this color into your home specifically into your bedroom will help you to truly reap the benefits and blessings of this transit.


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Many of you have gathered quite a bit of wisdom over the years and some of you are even contemplating writing a book or starting a podcast or a coaching company to share said wisdom. And Spirit is giving ya’ll all the green lights! Do ya hear me? The time is now – at the very least start doing the back-end work starting on the 29th and then prepare to launch it around one of the Eclipses this fall. Lets goooo!

RED FLAG: Leadership without additional pay at work just becomes free labor. Be mindful. Tuh!

SWEET SPOT: If you’ve been struggling romantically as of late, hold on. New beginnings in this area of your life are on the near horizon.


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You’re headed for a successful run, but first, some harsh truths are coming forward, especially around a close friend and an admired family member. Have the courage to not be overly judgemental or rush to their defense. Right now it’s better to let the truth play out and step aside. Observe without emotion. This will be a theme for Libra Venus, Moon, Mercury and Mars as well. Expect things to come to a chaotic head by August. The reason why these harsh truths are important to be revealed now is because part of your future success is tied to these individuals and you need to know who they really are.

RED FLAG: If you’ve been feeling wonky, take a few salt water baths over these next few weeks. This will cleanse your physical energy and your spirit.

SWEET SPOT: If you’re up for it, this summer would be a great time to work with a Shaman. They are fantastic for opening up sacred gifts and healing ancestral wounds. To find one, ask your fave hippie/spiritual friend or head to a local meditation or healing center.


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Who do you need to forgive at this time? Your younger self? The problematic family member? Your ex? Forgiveness will be a major theme for ya’ll under this transit. This is needed so that you can close any lingering rage and anger issues. The cards point to closing unfinished business with various individuals that may have caused you pain in the past as well as past actions on your part. This will help you to elevate energetically and spiritually, which is great as this retrograde will give you an extra boost to do so.

RED FLAG: If you’re hearing whispers of layoffs coming at your job – then take heed and brush up your resume and rewarm any connections that you have within your industry.

SWEET SPOT: Make this a summer of self-love and self-care and take note of how much your luck and joy increase tenfold.


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Source:Tommy de Yampert

Sometimes in life, we have to take risks even when we don’t know all of the various outcomes upfront. This is the position you’ll be placed in once Saturn starts to retrograde. The reason this is happening is because your ancestors want you to trust more in your intuition and self-determination. Read that again.

RED FLAG: Be wary of sweet talkers who never follow up with real-life action and/or changed behavior. Act like ya know!

SWEET SPOT: Taking action sooner and faster will reap better rewards for you. Learn to fail fast, learn faster, and pivot onto the next step. You got this!