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This will be an emotional week. I repeat it will be an emotional week for pretty much everyone. That said…I advise you to snatch up your Mala beads, prayer/journal book, and hit your meditation mat cause you’re gonna need to keep your emotions tapped into a high vibe.

Here’s a super small but powerful ritual…Look for heart chakra and root chakra chants online and say those while working with your beads (touch one by one as you say a chant) and then journal your feelings once done and then lie down in a meditative state for at least 15 mins afterward.

So here’s what’s happening in the cosmos that’s gonna have us all feeling — feelings.

As I mentioned last week Saturn has gone retrograde in Pisces as of the 29th which brings with it both abundance and a backspin on karmic retribution finally dished up.

However, this will be amplified with Neptune joining the Piscean retrograde party on the 2nd which will not only heighten our psychic senses but will also amplify that karma payback I mentioned.

With Neptune being the planet of illusions and mysticism and Saturn being both a No-Limit-Solider and a Take-No-Prisoner Warrior that doles out lessons and restrictions – prepare for some over-the-top breakups, some friendships to end and most importantly for deep-wig-snatching-self realizations about the roles (the good and the not-so-great) that you play in your own life causing your own private dramas.

And if that doesn’t give you enough reason to want to simply sit this week out, on the 5th we have a New Moon in Cancer.

Babyyyy…for those who love to raise their vibration, spend time in deep meditation, increase their intuition, and indulge their Divine Feminine the 5th along with this transit of powerful retrogrades is one for the books. You can seriously become a Spiritual Jedi!

As for everyone else, carry extra tissue and be sure to feel your feelings.
After all, to be human is to feel — and our issues are in our tissues- so let them thug tears roll Sis.

Most importantly, spend some time being contemplative and see what life lessons are presented for you this week. Hey, you might just find that you finally learn the lesson especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Okay, let’s jump into the ‘scopes to see what’s in store for your sign this week.

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Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

CAPRICORN: Get ready for a wake-up call around keeping prior commitments that frankly you’ve been slacking on. This may be towards your health or spending time with a loved one. Take the DND off your phone and try to answer all calls…it will be for your benefit in the long run.

RED FLAG: Don’t hold back on feeling your emotions, but also don’t go around lashing out at people either. Give yourself grace and be ok with taking a few days off.

SWEET SPOT: Someone is looking forward to spending quality time with you, don’t disappoint them.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

You’ll be urged this week by the universe to get real and get in touch with the real you. Part of correcting our mistakes as we grow as humans is learning to stop playing roles that keep us engaged in dynamics that aren’t really in alignment with the truest parts of us. Read that again.

RED FLAG: Prepare for some abrupt and awkward goodbyes this week.

SWEET SPOT: If you love ice cream or frozen yogurt then indulge your inner child this week and treat yourself and then go lap it up near a body of water.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

With both Neptune and Saturn retrograding in your sign this week you’ll be hit the most with all the “feels.” To help bolster your mood, keep some essential oils on deck for sniffing, an emotionally supportive bestie (human or furry), and practice a lot of deep breathing and journaling. This will also apply to those who have Venus, Mars, Mercury, and their Moon in Pisces.

RED FLAG: Stay away from dark or gold/red-colored clothing and opt for soft pastels and warm whites to help keep your move lifted during this emotional week.

SWEET SPOT: Although this will be emotionally heavy for you- you are also being placed in a position to receive a lot of abundance. So maybe do a few money mantras?

4. Bossip Horoscopes

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

You’re going to be pushed to see the truth about your level of discernment when it comes to your social circle. Many of you ignore small red flags with people who give off more of a frenemy vibe than a bestie vibe. This week you’ll no longer be able to tune out these warning signals and be pressed to make some hard-line decisions.

RED FLAG: Be mindful of getting into physical altercations this week, keep your cool, and just stand on your boundaries and yes this is related to the problematic friends.

SWEET SPOT: Whenever you run into a few problems this week, count to ten and ask your ancestors to provide you with easy-to-do-solutions.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

I’m sensing that many of you may be frustrated with what you feel is a lack of progress in many areas of your life; however, Spirit is asking for your patience and trust in Divine Timing at this time. To help you manifest what you want faster – try setting up a Pinterest vision board and setting aside time every week to rearrange it and add to it. This will also apply to those with a Taurus Moon and Mars.

RED FLAG: If you’re managing a lot of debt now is the time to get your hustle on and find creative ways to knock it out as soon as you can so that you can breathe a bit of relief.

SWEET SPOT: Shine your light like the sun. Others will adjust even if they have to wear shades. Ow!


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Prepare to be pushed into admitting your vulnerabilities which lead you to eventually facing your addictions. Don’t be ashamed, we all have ways of coping – some healthy and some not so much. Your angel team wants you to do deep spiritual healing at this time and since so many of you love to live a life of chaotic illusion, your hand will be forced.

RED FLAG: Under the Cancer New Moon on the 5th expect to be extremely emotional so it may be best to stay home and relax or at the very least do a 20 min meditation before you start your day.

SWEET SPOT: A family member may need you to care for them for an extended period of time. Surprisingly this will give you time to reflect on your life choices and even reevaluate your priorities which will give you a new outlook on your life and the blessings that you currently have.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

The New Moon will allow you to finally nurture yourself if that’s been something you’ve been struggling with, which will lead many of you to breaking out of any cocoons that keep you energetically strangled from showing up at your most brilliant self. Wearing a lot of silver and yellow will help this energy to come up fully.

RED FLAG: You may get accused of something that you didn’t do or if you did do it, the result wasn’t what you were going for. Whatever you do, engage a bit of motherwit and try not to lead with your emotions.

SWEET SPOT: Under the New Moon try and take what I call a Vanilla bath which is mixing together 2 cups of epsom salt with 20 drops of essential oil and a half cup of Jojoba oil in a hot water bath and then soak in it for at least 20 mins. Cue up some soothing music and consider burning vanilla essential oil and doing deep breathing. This will create a soothing sensation in your nervous system.

8. LEO

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

If you’ve been feeling stagnant or stressed about having to do work that you hate then take this time to dig deep into what makes you happy. While everything we love to do doesn’t have to be tied to income, it certainly helps. In the meantime find little ways to cultivate and express joy on a daily basis. Start with buying yourself some fresh flowers on a weekly basis or baking your fave dessert.

RED FLAG: Have faith that a legal matter will eventually work out for all involved though things may be delayed.

SWEET SPOT: When’s the last time you’ve done something outrageously different? This could look like a radically different hairstyle, taking up an unusual hobby or just calling up an old friend you’ve not spoken to in years.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Raising your vibration is the main directive for y’all this week. This will be vital as Virgos don’t like to feel their emotions too much but this planetary lineup will not allow you to block them out. You can raise your vibes by listening to Heart Chakra meditations, Solfeggio Frequencies and going out and sitting in nature. Be sure to sage your space and light up your fave incense on a daily basis. This will also be true for those with a Virgo Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury.

RED FLAG: Be decisive this week in choosing what you’ll give your attention to. This will help you to be in a better frame of mind, body, and soul when these emotional tidal waves come in.

SWEET SPOT: What does energetical rejuvenation look and feel like to you? Once you figure it out, spend some time this summer doing more of that.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

While focusing on success is important, it’s also important to do all things in moderation and to celebrate your wins (big and small) along the way. Spirit doesn’t want you to look up in 5 years and find that your life was a hyperactive blur in which you never gave yourself a chance to simmer in the good parts.

RED FLAG: Spending time with loved ones is vital for the soul. Try not to forget that as you forge your way in the professional world.

SWEET SPOT: Wearing all white, taupes, golds, and tans will have your emotions pretty centered, your body physically cool and eyes on you as you move about in your summer whites.


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Communicating with Spirit, the Universe aka All That Is, is not just about asking and taking, it’s about being grateful and counting your blessings even in the face of disappointment and rejection. If you struggle with this, then be prepared to have to sit with and practice this ideal this week during this powerful cosmic transit that digs deep into our shadow wounds.

RED FLAG: If things aren’t flowing well at work then take a minute to reassess what works for you and what doesn’t and then pivot accordingly.

SWEET SPOT: Getting in shape is about making necessary sacrifices for long term gain…are you up for the challenge?


Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Have you been seesawing between going after your deepest desires (especially the career ones) and just playing it safe aka playing it small? Fret not, this week you’ll have some serious self-revelations that will propel you first to retreat into solitude to get more centered emotionally and then it looks as though you’re off to a raging start come the Fall season.

RED FLAG: If you’ve been feeling indecisive, then definitely be strategic as to who you go to with your troubles and most importantly who you choose to take advice from. Not everyone has vision…

SWEET SPOT: Changing tracks at any stage in life is super okay. Make this a daily mantra as you get ready to put yourself on a bit of a roller coaster ride and remember ultimately you’ll land on your feet.