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Psychic Zya hooked us up with another week’s worth of horoscopes!

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Check out her overview for the week and keep reading for your sun or rising sign forecast! If you’d like to go even deeper, you can book a personal reading with Zya HERE.

Keep in mind we are still under the following influences: Venus in Taurus bringing out the lover in all of us. Mars in Aries bringing out our inner passion and fighter (be cautious here) and now we’ll have a New Moon in Taurus on the 7th which is great for starting new projects, seeking new employment or revamping your house.

With so much Taurus happening at the moment, be sure to be mindful of over eating and being super lazy on your time off.

Alrighty, let’s see what’s in store for you this week…

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1. Capricorn

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

How much do you trust your own discernment? This week lovers and friends from the past will be popping back up — carrying bright smiles–  but possibly shadowy/backhanded intentions. Don’t ignore any tiny red flags or feelings of discomfort in your body when you engage them. 

RED FLAG: Keep your head down at work as the higher ups may show their dusty draws as they battle it out over budgets. Stay out of it – unless you’re a higher up – then proceed with caution.

SWEET SPOT: On another note regarding friendships, be sure to pour into those that pour into you. Even if it’s just sending them a small Cash App for lunch to brighten their day.

2. Aquarius

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Jealousy will be a bit of a theme this week. And it breaks down in two ways. First you may find yourself jealous of a former version of yourself (this will especially apply to those who are new to caregiving or parenthood) and secondly, you may be dealing with some haters at work. Watch your back and double check all of your work.

RED FLAG: If you can, get an evil eye pendant and wear it discreetly at work this week.

SWEET SPOT: Blues of any shade and lemon tones worn this week will bring you grounded, stable emotions and add a bit of bright energy to your mood.

3. Pisces

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Source:Tommy de Yampert

Your ancestors are asking that you tap in with them this week. This can be as simple as meditating and asking for inspired messages from them or as complex as setting up an ancestor altar. Also, be sure to look out for Angel Numbers and various animals that come into your world. For example, you may see a lot of 1111 and butterflies. Pay attention –our loved ones– in spirit absolutely love to send messages like this.

RED FLAG: If you’ve been thinking of going to a spiritual retreat – be sure to vet the teacher first.

SWEET SPOT: A sweet summer love is on the horizon. Take a moment this week while Venus is in Taurus to script your perfect love into reality. (Look up how to script your reality on YouTube)

4. Aries

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Many of you are calling in your divine soulmate but have yet to match the frequency that you’re trying to call in. The best way to do this (besides therapy and cultivating deep self awareness) is to spend more time in meditative solitude coupled with immersing yourself in water/nature. You need time to really think about your behaviour patterns and the emotional underpinnings that drive them. Deep work yes, but necessary. Match the vibe of the tribe that you’re trying to call in.

RED FLAG: They say you can never go home again. You’ll be reminded of that this week as you realize just how much an old neighborhood or old friendship has shifted. Honor the change and move accordingly.

SWEET SPOT: If you’re prone to wearing all black (looking at you New Yorkers, Paris and London Folks) then please I beg you this Spring to go to the extreme opposite. Even take it to the next level by adding in some white colored footwear.

5. Taurus

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Deeper shadow work is available for your highest healing if you so desire. Many Taureans have been working through their stuff for the past few years and while it’s not been easy, it will be so worth it in the end. Why? Because clearing emotional baggage lightens you up for better things to come. This will also apply to those with Taurus in their Moon sign.

RED FLAG: Protect your energy and the energy of your home by adding a protective talisman to the top of your doorway. I do like Selenite crystal, or the Hand of Fatima.

SWEET SPOT: Your divine feminine is calling for you this week especially with Venus in your sign. Answer her seductive whispers by honoring your intuition and taking your mornings slow and your baths/showers steamy and long.

6. Gemini

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Source:Tommy de Yampert

Now is a great time to undertake a new field of study or expand the one that you are currently in. Some of you have been calling in a New Life and you’ll find as we move into your bday season that it has finally arrived at your doorstep. Are you ready to step up? This will also apply to those with Gemini in Mars and Mercury.

RED FLAG: Being lucky is partly being prepared and partly timing. Be patient, doors will open to long awaited opportunities when the timing is right.

SWEET SPOT: To keep your mood lifted, take yourself out dancing this week or next weekend to your fave DJ. Movement is so crucial for the expression and happiness of humans; especially those with born under an air sign.

7. Cancer

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

You may meet someone this week/month that is part of your divine karmic path in this lifetime. This is not necessarily a romantic partnership and could even be the addition of a household pet. Your gut will tell you when you’ve encountered them.  

RED FLAG: Earthing yourself by walking barefoot at the beach or in the yard will help calm any upset nerves you may be holding this week.

SWEET SPOT: Harness your divine masculine by setting stronger (not harsher) boundaries with loved ones. Especially those who don’t particularly like to honor them.

8. Leo

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Prepare for your energy to be a bit zig zag this week. The best way to handle it, is to slow down when you feel the need to do so and “go crazy” when your energy allows it. Your soul is shifting to a new timeline and that takes a tremendous amount of energy both consciously and unconsciously. 

RED FLAG: Your boundaries will be tested at work this week. Stay the course but take note of how you’re showing up and how others are treating you when you do so.

SWEET SPOT: Luck and good fortune is on your side. Speed it along by wearing bright colors and going out and being extra social.

9. Virgo

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Source:Tommy de Yampert

When is the last time you and your home and even your devices underwent a spiritual cleanse? It’s definitely time and the Universe is asking that you start with your wardrobe and cosmetics. LOL. Some spiritual cleansing tips include waking up daily with a short gratitude list, salting your floors and then sweeping the salt out of your front door. Changing your drapes and curtains and even saging around your windowsills. And most importantly cleansing your timeline and phone contacts of people who no longer align.

RED FLAG: If you’re in a toxic relationship and trying to get pregnant, now is not the time. A child will not solve issues that adults should be addressing.

SWEET SPOT: Work to keep your vibes high this week and pop into a Soundbath session at your local yoga center. Focus heavily on your heart and sacral chakra by placing a piece of green calcite crystal on your heart and orange calcite crystal around your navel.

10. Libra

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Your psychic abilities will get upgraded heavily this month. Take note of your intuition, your urges and your emotions. While this can certainly be slightly overwhelming, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to fully step into your sacred power. 

RED FLAG: Don’t count others’ blessings. You’ve no idea of what they’ve gone through to get them. Focus on self.

SWEET SPOT: To enhance your abilities start a candle gazing practice to open up your intuition. You simply do this by getting a gold or purple candle and stare into the flame daily while holding a piece of purple amethyst crystal to your forehead where your third eye lives. Try this out for ten minutes a day.

11. Scorpio

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

If you’ve been looking to level up your social circle, then you’ve got full green lights this week. Your sign, like Capricorn and Libra knows just how crucial having the right set of folks can not only lead you to places of power but keep you protected as well. Just be kind when you have to chuck a few poor souls out that no longer align. LMAO.. #coldhearted

RED FLAG: If you’ve been dodging your health issues, please stop. Better to address them now while they are manageable. Bring a friend for emotional support to your medical appointment if need be.

SWEET SPOT: A trip, journey or even a simple change of scenery is headed your way before the end of the month. Get happy:)

12. Sagittarius

Bossip Horoscopes

Source:Tommy de Yampert

Prep for some incoming storms after the New Moon , but know that you’re more than prepared to handle them. They’re coming to test you on many levels: your boundaries, how much shadow work you’ve done as well as to help you uncover what you really want from this life. Pace yourself and give yourself grace as you go through this patch of life.

RED FLAG: Finances are always a tricky subject. Give some thought to getting a financial planner or if you’ve got one – go and visit them for a refresh and to make sure you’re still on track.

SWEET SPOT: Singles, love is in the air. Can you smell it? No? Maybe because it’s your too stuck inside instead of going out and trying to be social. At least start wearing better clothes when you go for your errands. We promise it will make you feel better.