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Amy Winehouse wanted to adopt a young St. Lucian girl named Dannika Augustin before her untimely death. Dannika is now 20 with a child of her own, and she remembers their inseparable bond during Amy’s last moments. Read more about Dannika and Amy’s relationship inside.

With the depiction of Amy’s life in the latest Focus Features film Back to Black, the beloved British singer has circulated the media yet again. These days fans are highlighting her last moments in the physical. One of the lesser known facts about Amy is that she had plans to adopt a young girl named Dannika Augustin before her tragic death.

The two formed a beautiful bond during the last year of Amy’s life together in relaxing St. Lucia, and the “Back to Black” singer was reportedly making plans to bring Dannika to London before she died.

Dannika shared that she thinks about the legendary singer each day, and even believed, that she could have saved her life if she were there.

In an emotional interview, 20 year old Dannika remembered how the Grammy-winning singer beamed with joy, and her drink and drugs demons faded away when they were together. On the 10th anniversary of her death back in 2021, a heartbroken Dannika told the Sunday Mirror, “Amy was like a mother to me and we had so much fun together.

“When she came to St. Lucia, I would be with her every day. We would go horse-riding or sit by the pool at her villa,” Augustin recalled. “We would play games and laugh and do funny stuff.”

She goes on to remember the times of my singing and playing music as she danced alongside her.

“She was always hugging me and showed me so much love,” Dannika said of their times together. “She would call me ‘daughter’ and tell me how adorable I was.”

Augustin now has a child of her own. She believed that she had a significant impact on Amy’s life saying, “because when we were together, she was always clean and never sad.”

“She was never drunk or taking drugs because she wanted to be responsible, and she was such a kind-hearted person,” Augustin adds.

She also believes that if she had moved to London, she would have been able to “save her.”

It is reported that Amy had booked a flight to visit Dannika and reportedly hired lawyers to look into the adoption just days before her plans were tragically cut short by her sudden death from alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011.

Amy spent much of the last three years of her life in St Lucia, where she rented a lavish £2,000-a-night villa at the Cotton Bay Resort. Dannika was living with her single mum, who was ­struggling to make ends meet. At that time, Amy took her under her wing.

They both helped one another. While Amy was dealing with turmoil in her personal life from divorcing her then husband Blake Fielder, abusing alcohol and drugs, the love from the small island allowed her to shine again while bringing light and life into Dannika.

“Amy was a different person when she was with me and when she died, it left such a big gap in my life,” Augustin remembered.

The pair first met in 2010 when Amy became a regular at the beach bar run by Dannika’s  grandmother Marjorie Lambert on Cas en Bas beach.

“She started coming every day and I think I was nine years old when we first met. I remember her bending down to say hello then saying, ‘Oh, you are so pretty.’ She held me and hugged me and made me feel very special, but at the start I didn’t know she was a celebrity or anything. I didn’t listen to her music, I didn’t know who she was,” Dannika shared.

“We were just two normal people hanging out at the beach and having fun together. She would play with me and hug me and say, ‘You’re so adorable.’ I would make her laugh,” she added.

The singer last saw Dannika in November 2010. Dannika went on to graduate from school six years later and now works as a chef and has dreams of becoming an accountant. In 2021, she was engaged to be married and had a son aged 18 months.

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