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BABES is in select theaters Friday, May 17th and we had the privilege and honor of chatting with producer, co-writer and star Ilana Glazer alongside co-star Michelle Buteau about their experience making this very real, and very relatable comedy.

BABES follows childhood best friends Eden (Ilana Glazer) and Dawn (Michelle Buteau), as they take very different journeys to motherhood. It’s the stuff that would truly test any friendship and boy do they get tested. BABES delves into the complexities of female friendship and takes us through all the emotions that come along with it — laughter, tears and outright disgust. OKAY!?

After watching the film, we had to ask Ilana and Michelle what they wish they knew about the motherhood journey before embarking.

“You become everything all at once,” Michelle Buteau told GlobalGrind. “You are a pediatrician. You are a therapist. You are a nursery teacher. I didn’t know that you do all the things, all the time. Now I know why my mom looks like that!”

“I think it’s like the the scheduling ahead, that I’m like, ‘Really?!’ Like, I can’t believe,” Ilana Glazer added. “The activities — I didn’t realize I would be thinking in calendar years. It’s really hard and it would have served me to like pay attention more in school.”

“But if I didn’t have my children, then I would be making my friends do a lot of themed vacations,” Buteau continued. “So I’d probably be like THAT person. So this is good, this is good, the way it’s going is good.”

BABES NY Premiere Party

Source: Courtesy / NEON

Co-written by Ilana Glazer and Josh Rabinowitz and directed by Pamela Adlon, BABES is one of our favorite comedies this year — and one of the funniest parts of the film, which you see a little glimpse of the trailer, happens when Eden and Dawn are trading Too Short’s favorite back and forth like a hot potato, using different pronunciations.

“I think it was in the script, but we just like marked it ‘B****, B****’” Glazer recalled. “This was an insane shoot and it was low budget, in New York City during a heat wave. 25 business days — we shot this movie — and when we’re in Dawn’s house, it’s this narrow brownstone in Harlem, so we don’t have the space to get two cameras on tripods across each other, so we did that scene actually one person at a time, like we’re so nuts that we’re just like doing it to each other’s just eyes. you know I mean and like so we’re we’re so thrilled to have the chance to say b**** 99 times in 99 different ways.”

“I was talking to Michelle on the phone before I started my tour last year, about stand-up and I’m like ‘God, it’s like I’m obsessed with it, but I hate it!’ And she goes, ‘It’s an affliction! It’s an affliction!’ And it’s like that b**** scene, where it’s an affliction, it’s a compulsion, I could do it tonight, we could do it for you right now. We’re obsessed, you know. It was so fun!”

Listen, we totally get it! BABES is in theaters in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Austin Friday, May 17. Go see it — see it with your best friend if you can!