This week Bad Boys: Ride Or Die arrives in theaters and we got the scoop from the stars themselves.

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Will Smith Says ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ Is The Funniest In The Franchise

Global Grind Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden chatted with producers and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence about why the film is this summer’s blockbuster to watch.

“You know what I love, is that it pays off all of the movies right?” Will Smith told GlobalGrind. “It has a beautiful nostalgic quality, if you were a fan of any of the previous movies there are treats in this movie that pay off in a way that very few franchises are able to have the callbacks like we have in in this film. I think that this is the funniest one of them all, the action is crazy and our chemistry — this is what a summer blockbuster is supposed to be.”

“I concur,” Martin Lawrence agreed.

Bad Boys Ride Or Die

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Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Made Sure To Have A Memorable Experience On ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ Set

Smith and Lawrence make quite the dynamic duo, so we wanted to know what they most look forward to when it comes time to work together again.

“Working. Just to hold all day of working for me, working with him,” Lawrence told Global Grind. “You know the scenes we get to do, the improv we can come up with, the rehearsals and everything. He’s just fun to be around. Will is a ball of energy and he will not stop filming until he gets what he wants and it’s gonna come off the way he wants it to look. He’s going to he’s going to stay on that as long as he has to.”

Will seemed to share those sentiments, as he opened up about the special message Martin told him on their first day back filming.

“Martin stopped me on the first day, we’re producing the movie also, so that’s extra stuff,” Smith recalled. “So Martin stopped me on the first day and he said, ‘I love you man.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah brother, all love.’ And he’s like, ‘I love you man,’ you know. It was like, he just really wanted to stop and make sure that we deeply enjoyed our time together on this movie. Literally every single day he was like, ‘Hey hey hey,’ and we just really settled in to make sure that we had a memorable experience together.”

Bad Boys Ride Or Die

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In addition to the usual jokes, stunts and action that you will find in every Bad Boys film, Ride or Die stands out because of the personal challenges both characters face. Will Smith says he and the film’s producers were intentional about making the project different from other movies you’ll see this summer in that aspect.

“At the center of this movie, that’s what we were trying to do –[share] the difficulties of self,” Will Smith told GlobalGrind. “We didn’t want to compromise it being a blockbuster summer movie, but you know Martin’s character has a spiritual experience and he’s bringing ideas to Mike that are, we hope, a little bit more poignant than you’d expect to find just in a in a regular summer blockbuster.”

There you have it! Bad Boys: Ride Or Die arrives in theaters Friday June 7.