God Shammgod is a natural born competitor, both on and off the basketball court. “For me, life is always competitive,” he says. “I’m always reaching [for] my full potential.”

The New York City streetball legend played basketball professionally for one season before establishing his career overseas, playing in China, Poland, Kuwait and more.

Now retired from playing, the former point guard and famously skilled ball handler is working with the next generation of players as a player development coach.

Growing up, God Shammgod Jr. picked up his father’s dedication to the game. The father and son would get up to train at the crack of dawn. They would practice shooting and ball handling, and follow every workout routine with a recovery regimen: stretching, a light workout, a dip in the cold tub, and Advil Dual Action Back Pain for fast and powerful back pain relief.

“I have a goal, he is my goal. Seeing where he’s at in his career, that always gives me the competitive edge because I’ve seen my dad make it there, and now I just have to fight to get to that point in my career,” says Shammgod Jr.

As a veteran of the court, God Shammgod exemplifies the strength, dedication and perseverance of every great athlete. “The quality I admire most about my dad is his heart,” says Shammgod Jr. “My dad sees himself as a tool to help people succeed and help them win.”

The legendary hooper, also known for his signature “Shammgod” crossover move, is big on giving back and helping others. “I always tell people, that’s why I have these big shoulders, because I take on the responsibility to help people and to carry who I need to carry,” says Shammgod. “For me, there’s no better feeling than bringing other people up.”

Shammgod Jr. carries on his father’s legacy of greatness by imparting the same wisdom to the younger generation. “Giving back is very, very important and I try to show kids that,” he says.

Strength and perseverance make the foundation of both father and son’s basketball philosophies. “Whatever you want to do is going to take hard work and discipline,” says Shammgod Jr. “If you believe in something … then you have to find a way to make it work. So if your body hurts, you’ve got to keep on working.” The show must go on.

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