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Beyoncé’s new haircare line Cécred reminded fans of her family’s rich hair history. Her mother, Ms. Tina Knowles, and grandmother, Agnéz Deréon, taught both Beyoncé and her little sister Solange how to maintain their hair. Read about their family’s hair history inside.

The award-winning performer’s hair care line might seem random to some fans, but it’s deeply rooted in her bloodline. Her grandmother Deréon was first to work in the beauty industry. Following in her footsteps, Ms. Tina went on to be a stylist, owned and operated her own hair salon. She also taught her daughters how to take care of their hair, encouraging hair growth through methods such as, oiling, fermented rice water treatments, and protective hairstyles.

“Hair has always been a very big part of our lives,” Ms. Tina Knowles shared with Essence. “Just as fashion saved our family, hair is how we made a living.”

Knowles says her career in cosmetology is the extension of what Black people have been doing for eons.

“In the culture of Black folks, all the way from the beginning: If you could do some hair, you’ll never be broke,” Knowles adds. “I told my kids that. My mama told me that. So it’s just our legacy, and this full-circle moment feels amazing.”

Beyoncé prioritizes scalp care and uses top-tier hair care products to ensure her hair remains healthy and vibrant. They attribute their luscious locks ton regular deep conditioning treatments and protective styles to prevent damage and encourage hair growth.

The Grammy award-winning artist first teased her hair care line Cécred last May on Instagram.

Beyoncé formulated the eight-piece collection, which was officially released February 20 on Cé It includes a clarifying shampoo and scalp scrub, hydrating shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioner, a reconstructing treatment mask, a moisture-sealing lotion, a nourishing hair oil, a fermented rice and rose ritual treatment, and a “shaking vessel” that allows you to blend the ritual treatment. Together, the haircare line promises to strengthen and smooth the hair, and help it recover from any damage. The entire line is made possible through the advent of a custom technology: a patent-pending bioactive keratin ferment. It’s also infused with honey.

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