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Last week, Offset joined online streamer and YouTube Kai Cenat at the AMP House for a 24-hour livestream. The two had a bromance-filled sleepover with games, conversations and dancing. Check out the best moments and reactions to their game night inside.

On Thursday (Sept. 14) night, the pair collaborated on a full 24-hour stream at the AMP House. This unsuspected duo completed challenges, reacted to viral videos and received a surprise call from Offset’s wife, Cardi B. Their stream ended around 8 pm on Sept. 15.

“Chat, I called this n**ga the other day. We were supposed to play Call of Duty and all that other s**t, you feel what I’m saying? We didn’t end up doing it, but as we was on the phone call, we agreed to do a 24-hour [livestream],” Cenat announced. “Even if we don’t make it, we don’t make it, but it’s about trying. Do you know we would have to stream until 8 p.m. tomorrow?”

Offset confirmed the YouTuber’s sentiment, “I’m locked in. I can’t fold in person, I can’t fold. I told y’all I’ma pull-up. I’m in this b**ch. I’ma stand on business.”

Offset showed up eager and ready to have a grand time. Social media fans enjoyed their stream the most, reacting to the many moments throughout their stream.

“[Two] Sagittarius on a stream together. I already know this is going to be funny,” one user wrote. In response to a clip of the pair dancing, another added, “Offset [is] definitely the friend you need at every function. N**ga just roll with it.”

Someone else added, “Kai Cenat and Offset look like they was having a cousin sleepover.”

Check out moments and reactions from their stream below:

1. Comedy


2. Issa Cousin Sleepover


3. Let’s Not Forget, Offset A Dancer FR


4. Conquering Fears Together


5. The Cheating Rumors Are Not True


6. They Had A Blast


7. They Had A Private Chef


8. More Fun


9. They Were Geeked


10. So Much Love In That Room