1. Tracei – I Said


Rising Florida rapper Tracei has been honing her craft over the past year. Her hard work in the studio so far has yielded a bass-heavy, brooding sound with catchy hooks and dynamic flows transposed from Cash Money’s Pen & Pixel era, and heavily influenced by the likes of Three 6 Mafia.  Making her debut last year with the anthemic TK-produced “Face“, Tracei established that she’s unmovable and intentional with protecting her peace as she strives for stardom. She continues to build on themes of feeling secure in her identity and remaining centered on her new Maxmizacion-produced single “I Said“. Today (3/25/2024), Tracei shares the single’s ’90s-themed music video. Directed by  MYDRUNKUNCLE (Lute + Leroy) and shot by Daremen J. of Dreamstudios, the video stars Tracei as a Queenpin/crime boss-turned politician using the song’s title as her campaign slogan.    

This song is about protecting your energy and peace at all costs. Any behavior that challenges that must be corrected. This song does not promote violence but does represent what it looks like to stand up for yourself and use your voice. It gives that ‘I said what I said’ vibe… The video showcases a diverse cast of women, each with their unique style and presence, symbolizing the rise of strong, influential female figures in various spheres. The concept celebrates the notion that women are leaders, bosses, and formidable forces driving change and taking charge in society.” – Tracei

2. Keithian – Stranger


Keithian, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, “Stranger.” This soulful track delves into the complexities of relationships, unraveling a tale of connection, transformation, and uncertainty.

“Stranger” opens with the excitement of a chance encounter—a girl enters the scene, and sparks fly. Keithian’s velvety vocals draw listeners into the narrative, describing the joy of spending time together. But as the story unfolds, subtle shifts become apparent. The girl’s demeanor changes, leaving our protagonist puzzled. What has happened since their last rendezvous? Why the sudden shift in behavior?

The song’s lyrics hint at a deeper truth: change. Perhaps it’s a change of heart, a change in priorities, or a change in circumstances. Keithian’s emotive delivery captures the confusion and vulnerability that accompany such shifts. The chorus echoes the sentiment:

“Why you acting like a stranger you were just down last night?”

“Stranger” resonates with anyone who has felt the ache of love slipping away. Keithian reflects on his own dating experiences, recognizing a pattern: he gravitated toward the “unavailable” types. These women, engrossed in their careers, family obligations, or existing relationships, couldn’t reciprocate his romantic feelings. The realization led Keithian to ask the crucial question: Why pursue something destined to remain unattainable?

The single’s production is equally compelling. Smooth R&B beats blend seamlessly with Keithian’s soulful vocals, creating an intimate soundscape. The track’s melancholic undertones evoke late-night contemplations and bittersweet memories.

“Stranger” invites listeners to explore the complexities of love—the highs, the lows, and the moments when familiarity fades into the unknown. As Keithian’s voice lingers, we’re reminded that sometimes, even the most cherished connections can slip through our fingers, leaving us with nothing but the ache of a stranger’s presence.

3. Ryan Trey – Streets Say You Still Love Me

Source:Ryan Trey

R&B superstar Ryan Trey (#JUSTAREGULARLABEL/Interscope Records) is keeping his foot on the gas with the release of the official deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut album titled STREETS SAY YOU STILL MISS ME. In addition to the album’s 13 original songs that won millions of fans over, Trey added three bonus tracks with “RIDIN 4 U,” “RESET,” and “POURIN OUT MY HEART,” all of which extend his eclectic sound.

Trey announced STREETS SAY YOU STILL MISS ME with a trailer showing him walking into his dressing room and finding a message from an old flame. Shortly after the trailer, the official cover art of the deluxe edition was also released. 


The St. Louis native has been busy on the road since releasing his debut album. Trey is currently performing alongside Mariah The Scientist as an opening act on her nationwide To Be Eaten Alive tour and has already graced the Rolling Loud stage in Los Angeles, California, in March. Trey will also be taking over the summer season with performances at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C., on July 27 and the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago on August 1-4.    

STREETS SAY YOU MISS ME was unleashed in November 2023 and has been an incredible success for the 24-year-old R&B singer. It has garnered over 9.8 million total streams, led by the singles “Ain’t Even Friends” featuring MAriah The Scientist, “More Than Sorry,” and “30 Floors Up.” In addition to the album’s success, Trey has amassed over 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and featured on several streaming playlists, including Spotify’s New Music Friday, R&B Right Now, Signed XO, and Apple Music’s Breaking R&B, The Plug, R&B Now and more.

4. Asha Imuno – Bullseye

Source:Asha Imuno

“‘BULLSEYE’ is about the complexity of my relationship to home, and the discomfort of feeling like there’s something to prove to myself and my loved ones. It’s an ode to the shadows of the men in my family, my vices, and inherited pitfalls,” says Asha.

PINS & NEEDLES was called “one of the most promising debut albums of the decade” by Ones To Watch, and has received praise from BillboardOfficeUproxxRolling Stone and more. In addition, Asha was featured in Pigeons and Planes’ 24 artists to watch in 2024 list, which noted Asha is “an artist who’s skipping towards the spotlight,” and that, “it’s clear that 2023 was the precursor to his breakout.”  The rising star has earned co-signs from Hit-Boy, John Mayer and Jordan Ward.
In recent news, Asha has been selected to participate in the second season of the The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program, in partnership with Ones To Watch. For additional information, see here
Asha will support Berhana on his upcoming  “The Nomad’s Tour” in the U.S., from April 11 – April 27. For more information or to purchase tickets, see here. Media passes available upon request.

5. Tainy & Tokischa – Jalo!

Tainy & Tokischa - Jalo!


Netflix will be releasing an official “inspired by” companion EP – Rebel Moon – Songs of the Rebellion – for the upcoming movie Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver – the second installment of the film series from legendary director Zack Snyder. Ahead of the record’s release on April 5th, “Jalo!” by Latin hitmakers Tokischa + Tainy has been released. The song is complete with hypnotic, buoyant beats, complemented by Tokischa’s powerful, confident vocals.

All of the music on Rebel Moon – Songs of the Rebellion are original tracks that the artists wrote specifically for the film, and each song is paired with a lead character who inspired the respective track. “Jalo!” was inspired by The Bloodaxes from Rebel Moon – leaders of a fierce group of insurgents being hunted by the Motherworld (FYI: Devra and Darrian Bloodaxe are played by Cleopatra Coleman and Ray Fisher respectively). 


“I love films. Working on a track for a movie like Rebel Moon was a truly cool experience, especially collaborating with Tokischa, who’s an incredible artist. It’s very exciting for me as a producer to work with such a talented and versatile artist. This song showcases that versatility—it offers a different sound while still capturing the feelings and themes portrayed in the movie. It was super special to translate the emotions of the film into a song.” – Tainy 

“I was inspired by the empowerment showcased in the movie and the message it conveys about perseverance. It’s my first time being part of a film, so obviously, I fell in love with it.” – Tokischa

6. Chris Patrick – Take Time To Myself

Source:Chris Patrick

Fast-rising New Jersey lyricist Chris Patrick returns with his introspective new single “TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF.” The release follows the recent announcement of his upcoming mixtape THE CALM, which is available for early purchase/stream exclusively on even.biz and will be available on all streaming platforms April 3rd. 

“TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF” delves into personal and professional challenges recently confronting the rapper.

Often recognized for his willingness to share vulnerability through his lyrics, Chris narrates his experience with the pressures of caretaking responsibilities and the quest for genuine connections amidst his growing success. With a mesmerizing blend of production by Kenneth English, the track serves as a poignant reminder to embrace solitude for reflection and realignment before reaching a breaking point. 

Raised in East Orange, the emerging sensation boasts a diverse musical arsenal. Equally skilled in singing and rapping, he seamlessly blends vivid storytelling with infectious hooks, drawing from his life experiences. Fueled by his unwavering determination and earning early nods from esteemed artists such as T-Pain, JID, Smino, and Isaiah Rashad his trajectory is bound to ascend even higher. Chris’s previous full-length project, a 14-track sophomore album titled X Files, also received nods from PitchforkComplexOur Generation MusicWonderland Magazine, and Lyrical Lemonade and earned over 11M streams across platforms. More recently, he released “Slide on Me,” a single from the upcoming mixtape, which now has over 500K streams and has garnered praise from Billboard and HipHopDx

Stay tuned for more of what’s to come from the promising artist and THE CALM…

7. Sinkane – Come Together


Sinkane (aka Sudanese-American musician Ahmed Gallab) releases “Come Together,” the latest single off his forthcoming album We Belong. The 10-track project is out April 5 via City Slang. Pre-save We Belong HERE and watch the “Come Together” music video HERE.

“Come Together” is the opening track on We Belong, kicking off the album with a thought-provoking anthem that delves into the intricacies of identity, unity, and the shared human experience. Sinkane has masterfully crafted a symphony that transcends genre, offering a timeless message that will resonate with audiences across barriers, borders, and backgrounds. With a thick bass line, electric synths, and octave harmonies, the song captures the essence of funk, while a catchy guitar riff adds to its infectious groove.

The release of the music video for “Come Together” heralds a heartfelt tribute to Africa, filmed against the stunning backdrop of Cabo Verde on 16mm film. Through the lens of the camera, a dynamic ensemble of dancers and performers embody the spirit of Africa. This visual masterpiece is more than just a companion to the song; it’s a love letter to the continent, capturing its rich diversity and vibrant landscape. 

On the track, Sinkane shares: “‘Come Together’ is a bridge between past and the present Sinkane music. It is a familiar sound and message laced with new energy grounded in a way that previous Sinkane work wasn’t. It is the by-product of a lot of self work and, more importantly, a newfound self-love.”

Bruno Ferreira, director of the stunning accompanying music video, shares how the idea of the video came together: “When I started listening to ‘Come Together,’ some old images of Mandigas, the traditional Cape Vert characters that perform during Carnival Season to scare Demons and bad vibes away, came to mind. With these images in my head, I immediately wanted to work with the Mandigas to film a love letter to Africa. So we traveled to São Vicente and Santo Antão in Cape Vert to find people and places to include in our love letter. Without the open arms and hearts of these amazing people and their country, this would not have been possible. It still moves me how we were welcomed and how curious they were about Sinkane’s music and origins.” 

We Belong tells introspective–and sometimes painful–stories of the Black diaspora with an underlying current of love and hope for the future. Sinkane most recently released “We Belong,” a bright and refreshing offering embellished with rich harmonies, prominent basslines and a lively ambience that melds into a feel-good anthem of self-expression and empowerment. Previous singles include “How Sweet Is Your Love,” a celebratory, funk-infused high point of the project which received acclaim from the likes of ConsequenceStereogum and many more, and “Everything is Everything,” the debut single off the project featuring vocalist Tru Osborne that is an acute reflection of life as a Black person in America.

For this project, Sinkane assembled the who’s who of musicians and collaborators which include Beastie Boys producer Money Mark, jazz fusion maestro Casey Benjamin, guitarist/producer Mikey Freedom Hart, Phony Ppl’s Aja Grant, percussionist Meia Noite, organist Shedrick Mitchell, former bandmate Amanda Khiri and singers Bilal, STOUT, Tru Osborne and Hollie Cook. He has also created an all-star band called The Message, who support Sinkane live. Band members include: Ronnie Lanzilotta (bass), Dave Palazola (drums), Patt Carr (keys, guitar), Ifedayo (vocalist) and Jessica Harp (vocalist).

Sinkane has always paved his own way, defying all odds and surpassing expectations. With seven studio albums under his belt and an illustrious career as a composer, producer and band leader, he has orchestrated remarkable projects. From music directing the Atomic Bomb! Band, the resounding revival of Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor, to composing the “lively” (The Guardian) musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile which debuted in December, Ahmed’s journey has been extraordinary to say the least. 

8. DRAM – Marry Me


Grammy-nominated singer, rapper, and producer DRAM makes an explosive return with the announcement of his highly anticipated new album, DRAM&B, that is slated for release on April 12th. In celebration, he shares a sentimental video for the lead track from the album “Marry Me” that is directed by OnCue x Lil Worlds. The moving visual chronicles DRAM’s remarkable journey to celebrate the limitless nature of true love as get ordained and travels throughout the country to marry a group of couples who’ve been longtime fans and were looking to seal their love with marriage. The song ushers in a new era for DRAM sonically and personally that is seen through a brilliant return to his R&B roots and giving a preview to a stunning new body of work that will see the brilliant artist bridge that gap between the music from his past and now.

The aptly titled DRAM&B houses a collection of dynamic songs that showcase DRAM’s boundless range as first and foremost a singer and producer. While the world has already seen evidence of his impressive production instincts and songwriting talents through colossal hits such “Broccoli” and “Cha Cha,” DRAM&B captures DRAM in his truest form, free of restraints and the product of a healing journey that provided him with incredible clarity and health. Embracing all of his R&B impulses, the album will also display DRAM’s staggering voice front and center, cementing him a force in the R&B genre – something that has always been for the artist. DRAM&B is DRAM at his most fearless, and unflinchingly committed, solidifying him as an artist that continues to break new ground and remains essential for music today.

9. Lancey Fux -On Ur Mind

Source:Lancey Foux

Rising UK rapper and style icon Lancey Foux releases his new track, “On Ur Mind” (click HERE to listen/watch) out now via Human Re Sources / RCA Records. This marks as Lancey’s first release since signing with Human Re Sources / RCA Records. “On Ur Mind” highlights Lancey’s versatility and ability to blend various genres to create a unique sound. On Friday, Lancey will release his 2-pack bundle, which includes “On Ur Mind” and another new track entitled, “Live Forever”. 

With this release, Lancey also reveals his “On Ur Mind” music video. The video was shot in Los Angeles, CA and directed by Emma Berson and produced by Moriah Mitzner. The visuals depict a girl with a newly implanted brain chip; viewers get to see the process of the chip beginning to read her thoughts – it shows what really is on the girl’s mind. 

Hailing from Uganda and raised in East London, Lancey’s father first introduced him to music from Uganda and Congo at a young age. He began listening to various artists from Blade Brown, to Skepta, Future, and Lil Wayne. Once he started releasing music in 2015, he continued to make a name for himself for nearly a decade by blending a wide array of genres from hip-hop to trap music and modeling for numerous men’s streetwear and high-end fashion brands. 

Stay tuned for more on Lancey Foux coming soon!

10. Felix Ames – Mr. Weatherman

Source:Felix Ames

Buzzing Milwaukee soul phenomenon Felix Ames returns with a soulful new single and video entitled “Mr. Weatherman” out now via Def Jam Recordings. Listen HERE. Watch HERE. It paves the way for the arrival of the forthcoming Deluxe version of his acclaimed 2023 full-length debut, JENA, coming soon. 

On the track, a steady beat smolders beneath an evocative guitar line and subtle bass groove. Jazz-y chords echo as he flexes his high register on the heavenly hook, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going fast.” The emotion overflows as he urges, “Mr. Weatherman, tell me something better.” 

It lands in the wake of a stunning live performance video for “7711.” Beyond plugs from the likes of VIBE and more, OnMilwaukee noted his “rapid ascent” and highlighted how, “Felix Ames has been turning heads for his string of melodic hits.”

JENA has incited widespread applause, affirming his buzzworthy status. Right out of the gate, WONDERLAND. declared, “Sonically, Felix’s music is derived from the very best of both the old-school fusion soul scene and the contemporary influences of R&B music. ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ offers a blissful mixture of the two, and does so with a gleaming finish of jazz-inspired instrumentation and a velvet-smooth vocal performance.” YouKnowIGotSoul hailed it as “a perfect showcase of the singer’s impressive vocal range and dynamic musical abilities.”
Felix Ames quietly asserted himself as a soul maverick in 2022. Reupping old school spirit with 21st century flare, seismic vocals, and sonic fireworks of his own, he piled up millions of streams across “Shoestring,” “SPF,” and “7711.” Inciting widespread critical acclaim from the likes of Early Rising and more, OnesToWatch raved, “We’re all salivating to see what’s born from Ames’ continued evolution, and Lyrical Lemonade attested, Felix Ames is definitely an artist to watch. Signing to Def Jam Recordings, he’s poised to make a major impact now.

11. Amirah – Tokio


The newest addition to 10 Summers/ Interscope Records, 18-year-old emerging singer-songwriter Amirah, releases her first single, “Tokio,” available now on all major streaming platforms. The single serves as a precursor to her debut EP, Wish it Wasn’t You, scheduled for release this spring.

Amirah’s captivating vocals and infectious charm serenade listeners with a whimsical love song. Embracing her authenticity, she proudly displays her natural hair and playful personality, as vividly depicted in the accompanying music video. Set against a backdrop of animated visuals, the “Tokio” music video, which premiered exclusively on Teen Vogue, takes viewers on a lively journey across various locations as Amirah playfully declares her willingness to become her lover’s favorite place, from a “Texas rodeo” to “Rio, Tokyo” and beyond.

12. IDK ft. Joey Bada$$ – DENiM


One of the most important artists in the contemporary rap world, the Maryland multi-hyphenate .idk,  is primed to set 2024 ablaze with his new single “DENiM” featuring Joey Bada$$.

The new track effortlessly blurs the lines between jazz rap and boom-bap, and is the latest example of what happens when two of hip-hop’s top lyricists and most respected emcees join forces.

On the new track, the duo hip-hop we never knew we needed, aka .idk. and Joey, effortlessly blur the lines between jazz rap and boom-bap. Right out the gate, the man born Jason Mills (.idk.) stacks flex on top of flex as he revels in the nuances of material wealth, like the Pierre Jeanneret couch he mentions in the opening lines of the song. Joey continues the lyrical onslaught of opulence by rattling off a laundry list of accomplishments as he rope-a-dopes with the vintage soul-sampling instrumental. 

Coming off an amazing run in 2023 which featured the release of his highly acclaimed album F65, along with original collaborations with Lanvan, McLaren, Nike, Dior, Harvard University, and more. .idk. sets an elevated runway for 2024, and the new music sounds like a rebirthed version of jazz rap and boom-bap that we didn’t know we needed.  

13. d4vd – Feel It


18-year-old visionary artist d4vd releases “Feel It (From The Original Series Invincible)” a new track featured in the latest episode of Amazon Prime Video’s animated superhero series Invincible. Stream/download the track HERE and watch the lyric video HERE.

d4vd embraces a new sound with “Feel It (From The Original Series Invincible),” matching the energy of the critically-acclaimed series with an upbeat, funk riddled track focusing on the impact love can have over you, particularly in its early stages. With a heavy bass line and notable guitar riffs coupled with a captivating chorus spotlighting d4vd’s falsetto, the song cements itself as an earworm track as he declares “I don’t need anything more; be the wave, I’ll be the shore.” In this week’s episode of Invincible, “Feel It” sets the scene for a romantic date night, filled with classic relationship antics along with some high-flying, superheroic activity. The song and visual also expands on d4vd’s cinematic universe and his alter ego IT4MI.

On the track, d4vd shares:”‘Feel It’ follows Mark and Amber as they fly around the city on a date night. I wanted to make this song weightless – as if you were flying around with them. A lot of people don’t know it, but writing to picture is really how I got started in music, and it was cool to be able to do it for one of my favorite animated shows.”

Last week, d4vd announced his summer headline “My House is Not a Home” Tour which will kick off in Toronto on June 5th and make stops in major international markets including New York, Los Angeles (a third show added from high demand), London, Paris, and more, before wrapping in Chicago for a newly announced set at Lollapalooza. He will also grace the stage at Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo, and Boston Calling, which all come hot off the heels of an electrifying surprise set in his hometown of Houston at White Oak Music Hall – which sold out minutes upon announcement. See the full list of tour dates below, and visit https://www.d4vd.io/tour/ for tickets and additional information.

d4vd released his latest single “My House Is Not A Home,” a poignant, alternative ballad of loneliness—a story of leaving home, moving to Los Angeles, and a strained relationship finally falling apart. It showcases his writerly eye for detail, with some of his most personal and vivid lyrics yet, and also his remarkable vocal range; he climbs to the very top of his register, singing in a falsetto that stops the listener in their tracks. The accompanying music video, directed by close collaborator Raheem Powell (@RAHEEMISBLIND), sees d4vd leaving the past behind as he strolls through a worn-in yet empty house, haunted by childhood trinkets & photographs that seemingly once teemed with life and joy. Stream/download the track HERE and watch the accompanying music video HERE. Watch d4vd’s recent VEVO live performance of the track HERE.

Earlier this year, d4vd released his two-pack single“Withering” which included new songs “Leave Her” and “2016.” Both tracks saw d4vd lean into his pop-rock sensibilities, and upon release received acclaim from the likes of Hypebeast, BET, UPROXX, and many more – watch his performance video of “Leave Her” HERE.

d4vd kicked off 2024 following a monumental year that saw him soar to new heights. His career-defining single “Romantic Homicide” – which resonated with millions worldwide upon release in July 2022 and has since surpassed 1 billion streams across platforms – peaked at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is part of d4vd’s debut Petals To Thorns EP which debuted at #1 on Billboard Heatseakers albums (currently spending its 40th week on the chart). He also performed the song on  Jimmy Kimmy Live! marking his late night television debut – watch the performance HERE. d4vd also joined SZA on the fall leg of her SOS Tour and performed at some of the hottest festivals including Austin City Limits, Tyler The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, and more.

Stay tuned for more news on d4vd soon.

14. SPINALL & Teni – Psalm 23


Nigerian producer and artist SPINALL arrives today with a brand new single, “Psalm 23,” featuring singer-songwriter Teni also of Nigerian descent. The multihyphenate SPINALL is preparing to make history this April, when he becomes the first Afrobeat DJ  to ever play a set at the legendary Coachella Festival in California, and with his new record, he continues to gain momentum. 

A SPINALL party requires movement, and “Psalm 23” is the latest of his collaborative contagious rhythms. With the help of stirring vocals from Teni, SPINALL, capable of concocting anthems in a variety of styles with a variety of artists, flaunts his range on “Psalm 23,” incorporating traces of traditional Amapiano and Afrobeat, and relying on a subtle string section that meshes seamlessly with the high-octane instrumental.

Anthems are SPINALL’s specialty, and “Psalm 23” does not break tradition.“Psalm 23 really keeps my energy u!! That’s what it is … My summer starts now” says SPINALL.

SPINALL is on the verge of a breakout year, with a historic appearance at this year’s Coachella on the horizon. With his set (April 14th and 21st ), SPINALL will become the first Afrobeat DJ to play the world-renowned music festival, a cultural feat that’s long been in the works for the Nigeria native. SPINALL is also set to play a Lollapalooza which will be another celebratory moment for the critically acclaimed producer and artist.

Signed to Epic this past summer, SPINALL’s continued growth as an artist and penchant for collaboration has made him a dominant force. His latest full-length project, Top Boy, includes contributions from Fireboy DML, 6lack, Asake, Summer Walker and Stefflon Don, and he’s been recently spotted chumming it up with the likes of Tyler the Creator and Don Toliver.

Look for SPINALL to keep fans guessing and engaged all year and enjoy “Psalm 23” now.

15. WanMor- Alone WIth You


Accelerating a rapid rise, R&B’s hottest new group WanMor serve up a soulful new cover of the Tevin Campbell classic “Alone With You” out today via Mary J. Blige’s Beautiful Life Productions, Inc. and 300 Entertainment. Exuding confidence and charisma, the quartet recharge, reinvent, and reinvigorate this R&B classic with their own flare and fire. 

The Mary J Blige produced track marks the group’s undeniable success with the GRAMMY® Award-winning legend behind the board. Musically, warm synths wrap around a smooth drumbeat punctuated by electric guitar. Together, WanMor’s harmonies uplift the original to new heights as they shine on the chantable chorus, “I just want to be with you.” Akin to passing the torch, the boys ignite “Alone With You” with the blessing of Campbell and Blige’s inimitable creative touch. Increasing anticipation for the arrival of the cover, Blige teased the song on her Instagram, Watch HERE.

It notably lands on the heels of the fan favorite “BABY.” Beyond picking up traction on streaming platforms, it earned critical acclaim VIBE hailed it among “More New R&B to Come Home and Chill To,” and went on to rave, “The quartet has another smash on their hands with this one; it’s a great follow-up to their cover of Boyz II Men’s ‘Please Don’t Go’.” 

Each move has put them one step closer, notching a nomination in the category of “Best Group” at the 2023 BET Awards and nominations for “Best New Artist” & “Best Group” at the 2023 BET Soul Train Awards. Closing out a busy 2023 with “Please Don’t Go” produced by Mary J. Blige. 

16. 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE ft Rich Brian & TiaCorine – Pump It Up


Music collective 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE has released their latest single, “Pump It Up ε=┌(^_^)┘” featuring Indonesian rap powerhouse, singer and producer Rich Brian and current it-girl rapper TiaCorine via 88rising and RCA Records. Stream it HERE.

The brand new track comes on the heels of the highly-successful release of 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE’s debut album hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥)   º·˚:. Utilizing a steady, pulsating beat along with electronic background synths to drive the track forward, “Pump It Up ε=┌(^_^)┘”  showcases the innate talent of both rap virtuosos through their impressive breath work and cadence. An inherent club banger, “Pump It Up ε=┌(^_^)┘”  exemplifies 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE’s devotion to transcending the norms of hip hop, resonating with listeners everywhere.

Released in February, hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥)   º·˚: features genre-spanning collaborations from the likes of Rich Brian, Warren Hue, Ghostface Killah, Busta Rhymes, Smino, Cuco, Amaarae, Offset, BADBADNOTGOOD, Westside Gunn, Dumbfoundead and more. The album boasts A-list features across 24 songs, pulling back the curtain on 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE’S anachronistic lore while capturing the sights, sounds, and vibrancy of Northern California culture and beyond, through the lens of 88rising honcho Sean Miyashiro’s childhood nostalgia and wonder. Listen to the full project HERE.

Stay tuned for more from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE.

17. Beyoncé – Cowboy Carter


18. Isaac Dunbar – American High

Source:Isaac Dunbar

Following a run of releases, breakout pop artist Isaac Dunbar has announced his forthcoming EP, Beep Beep Repeat, out Friday, April 26 via RCA Records.

His first project release since 2022’s critically lauded Banish The BansheeBeep Beep Repeat draws inspiration from Isaac’s time living in New York, influenced by the sounds and energy of the city’s vibrant club scene. The project is a decadent, maximalist blend of 2010’s pop influences and ‘70s disco theatricality, Beep Beep Repeat is a propulsive and playful new offering from the rising pop star.

In celebration of the forthcoming release, Isaac has unveiled the EP’s latest single, “American High.” Following the previously shared records, “Apartment A” and “Backseat Girl,” “American High” is a theatric piano-driven romp that showcases Isaac’s vocals as he boldly declares, “I’m man enough to be a party girl and dance all night.”

Isaac will also be performing a limited number of sold-out tour dates in support of Beep Beep Repeat, headlining The Echo in Los Angeles, Elsewhere in Brooklyn, and Colours Hoxton in London.

19. elijah woods – silver lining

Source:elijah woods

Toronto-based multi-platinum artist and producer elijah woods reveals his new 3-track EP, ‘silver lining,’ out on all streaming platforms today.

‘silver lining’ features elijah’s recent hit single, “losing a friend,’ as well as two new songs, “second guessing” and the titular track “silver lining.” Emotionally raw and profoundly introspective, the EP’s three tracks delve into the complexities of human relationships and the tumultuous journey of self-discovery. 

I wrote this project to process the grief of losing a close friend,” elijah says. “I’m very grateful to have this outlet, and I hope these songs give some comfort to anyone going through something similar.”

elijah woods is a multi-faceted, multi-platinum pop artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. Known for wildly catchy melodies, vivid lyrics, and a signature crisp, accessible production style, his music has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Experiencing unparalleled growth as an independent artist, he’s amassed over 250 million streams across his songs, and recently hit over 5.5 million monthly Spotify listeners.

After selling out his cross-Canada tour last year, elijah is now preparing for his sold-out headline tour in Asia, which includes stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. While in Asia, elijah will also be joining Niall Horan for his Jakarta, Indonesia show, and will be performing at the Seoul Jazz Festival alongside Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and JP Saxe. 

20. Lil Mosey – Back Down Road

Source:Lil Mosey

Multi-platinum certified hit-making artist and entrepreneur Lil Mosey keeps his promise to fans of consistent new music drops with the surprise release of hip-hop vault single “Back Down Road” via Love U Forever/Cinq Music Group. “Back Down Road” represents a return to the popular hip hop beats and lyrical word play that has made Lil Mosey one of the successful rising rappers in the game. LISTEN HERE

Of the single, Mosey says, “I Wanted to give the fans something fun and to remind them I got a lot of good music in the vault and this year I’m not taking my foot off the gas.”

Hot on the heels of last week’s critically acclaimed ‘Life Goes On,’ which Uproxx proclaimed, “Best of the Week” adding, “with its somber, reflective lyrics and grunge-rock leanings, is a nod toward the growing up he’s had to do in such a short time.” Mosey unleashes ‘Back Down Road,’ igniting a thrilling new era for the artist. With 8 billion streams and 5 x platinum status, Mosey remains committed to delivering the music fans adore while daring to explore new sounds. As Mosey has said, he is keeping his foot on the gas and fans should prepare for more surprises and dangerous curves ahead. 


21. Lindsey Lomis – Handle With Care

Source:Lindsey Lomis

Lindsey Lomis, 21-year-old singer, songwriter and experimental pop star released the highly-anticipated new EP, Handle With Care. The EP was premiered on FLOOD Magazine, who praised the new project as “a more ruminative take on her sound both instrumentally and lyrically.

From her recent social media music covers, SZA and Tate McRae joined Lomis’ long list of musician fans which already include the likes of Alessia Cara, Justin Bieber, Bruno Major, The Brook & The Bluff, JoJo and Joshua Bassett. Another exciting advocate and collaborator, Jacob Collier recently released his latest album Djesse Vol.4 with a song featuring Lomis. The track, titled “Cinnamon Crush,” appeared on the album alongside contributions from Brandi Carlile, Tori Kelly to John Mayer & more. Lomis will join his all-star live band (vocals, guitar) performing in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Produced with the songwriting and production duo KOLE and Ariza, Handle With Care revealed a pop wonderland with the teasingly honest guitar-packed jam “Long Way Down,” ascending to the slick & groovy hypnotizing dreamscapes of “Stalker” and “Handle With Care,” only to land on another intuitive highlight with “Outta Sight (On My Mind).” To honor her most dedicated fans, who followed Lindsey’s journey on the road throughout her first headline tour, the EP intentionally ended with a long time live-favorite ballad, “sick” (watch music video HERE).

On the EP, Lomis stated: “Handle With Care is the full perspective of who I am now. I really pinpointed a sound that is so individual but at the same time is made up from so many different genres and inspirations. It really expresses a sound that I’ve been trying to nail for a decade at this point. It’s just so me, 100% through and through.”

Handle With Care is not your typical love story–or is it? Lomis’ newest EP comes on the heels of 2023’s Universe. On Universe, Lomis was fighting the pull of new love, convinced that if she let it in she’d only mess it up; now, on Handle With Care, she’s learning how to trust the other person as well as herself. While her songwriting across both releases is bare and diaristic, it’s also imbued with the lightness that comes from letting her full personality beam. Combined with Lomis’s sophisticated musical instincts, honed on everything from alt-rock to nu-jazz, this is coming-of-age pop at its very best.

On each track, Lindsey samples whirlwind vocal runs, virtuosic guitar grooves and innovative modern pop production. Handle With Care, Lomis’s first self-released record in five years, represents the newest chapter in her life. Having moved to LA to be closer to a like-minded music community, she’s exploring that first taste of real adulthood. “It’s my first big change in life, moving to another city and falling in love with somebody and having all these new experiences. I learn something new about myself every day, and that creates a million more things to write about,” Lomis says. “That’s my current obsession — writing out everything I’m feeling, just because there is so much.”

Lomis is living out her dream and has come a long way from the childhood days when she used to queue in line for shows and drive across the country with her parents for concerts and Grammy camp. In 2020, her signing with the late A&R legend Busbee at Warner Records officially launched her career at the prime age of 17. Since then, she released a series of EPs including 2022’s Daydreaming and most recently, Universe, which achieved considerable critical acclaim from Teen Vogue to American Songwriter. Fans are quickly drawn to her unique take on modern pop by intuitively blending with folk, rock, and jazz.

With the recent new releases, she’s been compared to fellow pop stars from Ariana Grande to Olivia Rodrigo–but one thing is certain, with her masterfully kaleidoscopic spin of pop, Lindsey Lomis is your next it girl.

22. Kodak Black – Non Believer

Source:Kodak Black

Multi-Platinum-selling rapper Kodak Black unleashes “Non Believer,” a spiritual new song that marks one of his most deeply personal to date. Coated in piercing reflection and existential exploration, the new single is as vulnerable as it is mesmerizing. Listen to “Non Believer” HERE out now via Vulture Love / Capitol Records. 

Coasting bursts of insistent percussion and supple guitar strings that let his words breathe, Kodak Black dives into themes of morality. The Pooh Beatz, EJ Beats, and Juji produced record sifts through tragic outcomes and evolving morality with disarming honesty. “Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I try to make it right,” he raps, his raw admission spilling out with unguarded sincerity. Earnest, melodic and unflinchingly transparent, it’s quintessential Kodak. It’s also a sign of a young creator growing as a rapper while turning his mistakes into the most compelling art in the world of music. 

“Non Believer” follows the release of “Shampoo,” a confident burst of street rap that typifies the style that made him a superstar. On “Shampoo” he effortlessly shifts his cadence as he victoriously and confidently assures, “I got the sauce—like a condiment.” Of course, “Shampoo” was preceded by When I Was Dead, an engrossing album that sees Kodak lay bare his nightmares and blood-stained aspirations. Powered by lead single, “Lemme See,” the LP only reaffirmed Kodak’s status as one of the most powerful artists of his generation. 

Kodak’s music has helped make him a staple of modern rap folklore — an example of the sort of world-weary songwriting that defines the most powerful storytellers. He continues to average 28 million monthly listeners on Spotify with nearly 25 billion global streams. With “Non Believer,” shows no signs of letting up.

23. Sarah King – When It All Goes Down

Source:Sarah King

Award-winning singer-songwriter-guitarist Sarah King makes her long-awaited full-length solo debut with When It All Goes Down, exploring life’s seismic shifts via her own singular strain of Gothic Americana. Produced, engineered, and arranged by David Baron (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, Meghan Trainor), the album sees King weaving classic rock ‘n’ roll, Southern soul, true country, and primal folk-blues into something inspiring and cathartic, deeply personal yet wholly universal. Fired by King’s spellbinding, seen-it-all vocals and rock solid rhythm guitar, songs like “The Longest Night” and the empowering, anthemic title track are haunting, oft-times harrowing, tales of impossible guilt and inconsolable grief, of raising hell (and the repercussions that follow), of how to stand face to face with the Devil himself yet somehow emerge bigger, better, and badder than before. LISTEN HERE.

Currently residing in the Green Mountains of Vermont, in a tiny log cabin without cell reception, Sarah King has walked many a hard road to reach When It All Goes Down. New England born and raised, King spent her early twenties down South, playing in a GA-based rock ‘n’ roll band and generally “growing up, a.k.a. becoming an adult.” She eventually moved back north but found herself at a crossroads, slightly burnt out but driven by an evolving passion for front porch folk and traditional blues, hard times music as real and true now as it was nearly a century ago.

“All of a sudden, my life began to imitate art,” King says. “My dog died and my first husband died and my mom died. Just like that. That’s a lot. But our society doesn’t really teach us anything about grief and how to manage it. So I was like, Well, I am just going to pretend that I’m not grieving. I’m just not going to talk about it. And I’m not going to play music or write music because that would mean I have to get in my feelings.”

Thankfully, King eventually sought help through group therapy and grief counseling, personal work that allowed her to process the pain and trauma brewing inside.

“I was able to sit with my feelings instead of running away from them,” King says. “Music became a safe space for me to deal with all of those feelings. It was okay for me to write songs that were darker and more introspective. I started to dig deeper into even more painful topics, things that maybe had not necessarily happened to me, but things I knew about and saw in the world.”

New songs began to fill her notebooks, songs of sorrow and vulnerability, equally informed by the dark romanticism of her beloved favorite authors Edgar Allan Poe and F. Scott Fitzgerald, as well as the mysterious, evocative, power of early blues, foundational music in which one not only confronts demons, both self-inflicted and unforeseen, but survives them. Her songwriting quickly grew in strength and candor, ultimately attracting the attention of Simone Felice and David Baron, who invited her to record with them at Baron’s Sun Mountain Studio in Boiceville, NY. King made her striking debut with 2021’s The Hour EP, earning her recognition as “Songwriter of the Year” from the New England Music Awards. Like any blues musician worth her salt, she honed her songs – and increasing prowess as a guitarist – on stage as often as possible, including club performances, festival appearances, and shows alongside Blues Traveler, The Steel Woods, and Anders Osborne, to name only a few.

King returned to Sun Mountain Studio for summer sessions in 2022 and 2023, joined in studio by in-demand drummer Jeff Lipstein (Mercury Rev, David Johansen, Jane Siberry) along with remote accompaniment from bassist Johnny Stanton (The Steel Woods), and Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Josh Cournoyer. Baron – who played keyboards in addition to his other duties – expertly adds texture and filigree without overburdening King’s elemental ballads and finely etched character studies. His intuitive and organic production instead focuses in on the emotional timbre and the sheer physicality of songs like “You Were Wrong About Me” and the slow-burning “Stronger Than You’ll Ever Know” (featuring pedal steel guitar by Nova Scotia-born, Nashville-based musician Asa Brosius). Shot through with subtle swing and heavy horsepower, a current of white-knuckle tension roils just beneath the surface, with King deftly navigating the hidden spaces between darkness and the light.

“We live in the gray areas,” says King. “It’s okay for me to be both light and dark at the same time, I can be heavy and at the same time, optimistic. My music can be very dark but I am still a warm, loving person. I can be who I really am and embrace both sides. I don’t have to choose.”

Indeed, King steers both brooding ballads and rousing rockers through a briar patch of challenging subject matter, chronicling in painstaking detail a lifetime of bad decisions and what might have beens, many of which were fueled in part by her own complex relationship with ol’ demon alcohol. Though the outlaw symphony of “Blame It On The Booze” and stark piano-driven “Whiskey Thinking” convey a lifetime of late nights in barrooms and saloons, King has taken a healthier path in recent months.

“Last winter, I started to get really serious about my overall health and fitness after some medical issues,” says King. “I went from two drinks a day down to maybe two drinks a week. Now it’s probably more like two drinks a month. It’s good. So even though bourbon and I may not be BFFs right now, we were for many years, and I can very easily get back to those feelings of where I was when I wrote those songs. And I know that when I was in those feelings, that’s when I needed those songs.”

King opted to compliment her original songs with a pair of very personal covers, including a blistering rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do,” the first song King taught herself by ear when first learning to play guitar.

“I chose to keep the original pronouns as a nod to my own queerness,” King says. “I am married to a man, but I’ve dated some wonderful women, and we’ve all had situations where we loved someone who didn’t love us back the way we wanted.”

Having danced on the edge of the abyss throughout the album, King finally goes all the way to the netherworld with her deep, swampy take on “Devil’s Try,” written by her friend Scott Hawkins during his time as an active duty Special Forces soldier.

“Scotty and my first husband served together,” King says, “and I’d always loved that song when he played it with his metal band years ago. I asked if I could ‘Sarah King it up’ and he enthusiastically gave his permission. While it’s an acknowledgment of the hard times we all face, it stands up to those hard times with strength, so it’s both a nod to some of my personal history and the perfect closer for this album.”

A captivating and engaging live performer, King is keen to bring her cathartic blues to life on stage both as a solo artist and bandleader. Rich with rare integrity, earnest emotion, and a restless energy born of extraordinary experience, When It All Goes Down captures an acutely authentic artist exploring her spirit and songcraft in an effort to reach a place that’s both true and transcendent not only in herself, but in all those who also call upon the power of music in their time of need.

“My stories are folk stories,” says Sarah King. “Of the people, for the people, by the people (I’m a person). These are songs for folks who’ve lived through some shit and want some music that doesn’t shy away from that.”

24. Doechii ft. JT – Alter Ego


Fan and critic favorite Doechii continues her ascent with “Alter Ego,” a new single featuring her fellow Floridian JT. Listen HERE via Top Dawg Entertainment / Capitol Records.

Inspired by Eurodance, the track prompted R&B superstar SZA to dub it “the craziest song I’ve heard all year” on social media after an early listen. “Alter Ego” arrives just over a month after Doechii and JT interviewed one another for Interview Magazine where they initially teased their collab. It also continues a lengthy winning streak for Doechii.

After gaining 600 million plus global streams for “What It Is (Block Boy)” last spring, she unloaded “Booty Drop,” a New Jersey Club-influenced single that’s earned over 12 million Spotify streams since its release. From there, she released “Pacer,” a track Stereogum described as “a shouty maximalist anthem” laced with “electronic streaks and overdriven rock guitars.” In September, she continued to build her momentum when she popped out to Los Angeles to open for Beyoncé. That same fall, the self-proclaimed Swamp Princess hit the road with Doja Cat on her Scarlet Tour dates. It’s part of a come-up that feels ongoing.

This all builds on the heels of Doechii’s 2022 EP she / her / black bitch, where she cemented herself as a distinct voice whose versatile talents range from quick-fire bars to seductive singing. Doechii was chosen as an XXL Freshman and tapped as an ‘Artist to Watch’ in Rolling Stone, NPR, Vulture, Complex, Uproxx, Pigeons and Planes, FADER, and more. She was also recognized by the industry for her achievements with a nomination for Push Performance of the Year at the 2022 MTV VMAs and Best New Artist at the 2022 Soul Train Music Awards. She also made her late-night TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performed at the 2022 BET Awards, and took the main stage at Coachella in 2023 with a critically acclaimed performance.

This past February, JT dove further into her solo career with “Sideways,” a diva theme song for the unbothered. The track has collected over 3 million Spotify streams to date. With “Alter Ego,” she joins Doechii in issuing a call to act up — whether on the dancefloor or anywhere else your heart desires. Clearly, there’s no placing boundaries on these two, together or apart.

25. Tre’ Rochelle – Wasting Time


Tre Rochelle releases her new single, “Wasting Time,” out now via Elle Roc Records. Download & Stream here.

The inspiration behind “Wasting Time” stems from Rochelle’s own experience with a long-distance relationship that took an unexpected turn, prompting a profound period of introspection and creativity. It’s a tale of recognizing one’s worth and the courage it takes to step away from what no longer serves one’s heart. Tre’ Rochelle pours her emotions into every lyric, crafting a narrative that’s both relatable and deeply personal.

With collaborative efforts featuring Eddy Versatile Keyz as co-producer, alongside Corey Harris of C4 Productions, who handled the intricate mixing and mastering of the track. Together, they have woven a rich tapestry of sound that perfectly encapsulates the emotional depth and narrative of the single. 

Speaking on the release, Tre’ Rochelle shared, “Wasting Time” is more than a song; it’s my heart’s story. It delves into the bittersweet realization that not all love is meant to last and the importance of valuing oneself above the fray of wasted time. This track is a testament to the strength it takes to walk away from what no longer serves us and to find beauty in the breakdown. This single will serve as a reminder that sometimes, the most profound growth comes from letting go.

“Wasting Time” is an anthem for anyone navigating the twists and turns of modern relationships, offering a powerful message of resilience and self-worth. As this rising star continues to make her mark on the music industry, this single stands as a declaration of her talent and a promise of the incredible work yet to come.

26. Homixide Gang – Hi-Voltage

Source:Homixide Gang

Explosive Atlanta rap duo Homixide Gang drop “HI-VOLTAGE,” an exhilarating new single coated in twitchy raps and unbridled machismo. The song comes with an equally electric music video. Listen to “HI-VOLTAGE” HERE via Opium / Interscope Records. 

Skittering over triumphant horns, aural synths and kinetic percussion, the duo unloads a barrage of flexes and NSFW overtures for baddies. Soaked in breathless flows and gleaming production, it’s a soundtrack for show-offs — a celebratory theme song for victory. Directed by Decat and Taco, the video puts a sinister twist on the vibes. For it, the duo reimagines the film Shottas, with their version unfolding in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. Laced with high-octane action, it’s Homixide Gang in their absolute element. 

As stylish as it is powerful, “HI-VOLTAGE” produced by Cxdy (Juice WRLD, The Weekend, Lil Uzi Vert, Don Toliver) lives up to its name in every respect. A constellation of mystique, energetic raps and dystopian production, Homixide Gang specializes in futuristic trap; street raps that blend bulletproof swagger of the bando with surreal soundscapes designed to ignite a crowd. After breaking out with their Snotty Hill project in 2021, the duo only added to their arsenal with Homixide Lifestyle (2022), Snot or Not (2023), and 5th Amndmnt (2023). With their most recent effort, they pushed their sounds to even more electrifying dimensions. 

27. That Girl Lay Lay ft. Lil Darius – I Don’t Wanna Kiss


That Girl Lay Lay, the gifted Nickelodeon star, is thrilled to unveil her brand new music video for the hit single “I Don’t Wanna Kiss” featuring Lil Darius. As Lay Lay’s hit Nickelodeon series enters its final season, she continues to captivate audiences with her transition from child star to young adult, showcasing her musical prowess and artistic growth. Listen HERE.

The music video for “I Don’t Wanna Kiss” is a visual delight, sprinkled with exciting anime frames that add a unique and vibrant touch to the overall aesthetic. The video perfectly complements the laid-back, “vibe and ride” track, which features sassy and cool lyrics delivered by Lay Lay.

Known for her infectious energy and undeniable talent, That Girl Lay Lay has been making waves in the music industry with her impressive flow and catchy hooks. “I Don’t Wanna Kiss” is yet another testament to her versatility as an artist, as she effortlessly blends her youthful charm with a more mature sound.

Lay Lay’s journey from Nickelodeon star to rising music sensation has been met with enthusiasm and support from fans worldwide. With her music, she aims to inspire and connect with her audience, showcasing her growth and evolution as an artist.

“I am beyond excited to release the music video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Kiss’,” says Lay Lay. “This song is all about embracing independence and staying true to yourself. I hope my fans enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it!”

The music video for “I Don’t Wanna Kiss” is now available on all streaming platforms. Fans can expect a visually stunning experience that perfectly complements the laid-back and empowering vibes of the track.

28. Masicka – Reverse Time


Gaining momentum worldwide as a phenomenon to watch, Jamaica-born multi-talented singer, songwriter, deejay, and leader of the next generation of dancehall stars Masicka unveils the music video for “Reverse Time”, directed by Shane Creative, out today via Def Jam Recordings. Watch it HERE
The track remains a standout from his acclaimed 2023 album, Generation of Kings, out now. Listen HERE.
Among other highlights from Generation of Kings, “LimeLight” piled up over 1 million Spotify streams and 8.9 million YouTube views on the music video. Plus, he has earned consistent critical acclaim. Spotlighting him in an in-depth feature, Billboard applauded how Equally introspective and biting, Masicka’s lyrics — which explore everything from settling beef to reflections on his childhood — perfectly complement his penchant for lush melodic lines and reverb-drenched harmonies.” 
Simultaneously, “Tyrant” has gathered 4.1 million Spotify as well as over 17 million YouTube views on the music video.
Meanwhile, DANCEHALLMAG proclaimed, “it becomes easy to see why Masicka reiterates his given position as a young legend in Dancehall.” TIDAL hailed it among “the hottest new reggae and dancehall tracks” and attested, “Masicka wants the world to know he stands ready to safeguard its history and keep the real culture alive.”
It followed the banger “Pieces” [feat. Jahshii]. The latter has notably amassed over 2.3 million total streams as well as 12 million YouTube views on the cinematic music video. In addition to plugs from the likes of Music ConnectionSt. Vincent Times, and more, Naija Remix hailed it as “a must-listen for fans of good music.
Masicka continues to make waves. He received a YouTube Award for attracting over 1 million subscribers to his channel and over 580 million YouTube views. His most recent independent LP, 438, became “Jamaica’s #1 album of 2022 on Spotify” and “the first project to spend an entire year in the Top 10 on Apple Music Jamaica. He also emerged as “one of three Jamaican artists in Spotify Wrapped Jamaica for a Top 10 Album.
Along the way, KAZI hailed him as “a great storyteller and a genuinely generational talent who understands what he is doing, and GRUNGECAKE assured, “Jamaica’s Masicka is holding us down on the positivity front.
Get ready for a whole lot more from Masicka soon!

29. Key Glock & Alok – Let’s Go (Alok Remix)

Source:Key Glock

Key Glock is switching it up with his most unexpected collaboration to date. He recruited Brazilian producer/DJ Alok, one of the world’s most popular EDM artists, to remix his viral hit “Let’s Go,” out now via Paper Route Empire! From his hometown of Memphis to the mainstream, Key Glock is on his way to rap superstardom yet he’s never afraid to leave his comfort zone. Currently charting at #88 on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching Top 5 on Urban Radio, and earning play in sports stadiums across the globe, the original track transforms a Slavic folk chant into a certified motivation anthem you turn on when you need the push to hustle and put in work. The “Let’s Go (Alok Remix)” takes it up 10 more notches and turns up the energy by adding thumping techno percussion and a sirenic synth melody to complement Glock’s raspy flexes and sly wordplay. It has the makings to be a worldwide dancefloor banger. 

30. Heembeezy – Mike Phelps


31. Benny The Butcher – Jermaine’s Graduation (Live Session)

Source:Benny the Butcher

Benny The Butcher, the Grammy-Nominated and Emmy-Award-winning member of Buffalo’s acclaimed Griselda collective, delivers chilling live performance for “Jermanie’s Graduation” Watch HEREEVERYBODY CAN’T GO, out now via Def Jam Recordings. Listen HERE.
EVERYBODY CAN’T GO consists of 12 powerhouse tracks, telling real and raw stories, sharing hard-earned wisdom, and offering up one trunk-rattling banger after another. The opener “Jermanie’s Graduation” hinges on a glassy piano melody and sparse orchestration. Benny The Butcher takes it back to the beginning and paints a vivid picture of his come-up, “I lived with a mother who struggled through addiction. I know every side to drug abuse.” On “Pillow Talk & Slander,” string loops swoon beneath a rap masterclass by Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss, and Babyface Ray. Then, there’s the raucous “Griselda Express” featuring Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Rick Hyde. This knockout posse cut sees this elite cohort go and “turn the board room to Satriale’s.” The ride concludes with the introspective “Big Tymers” featuring Peezy, as Benny takes stock of how far he’s come over a tense beat and ominous production as he proclaims, “I got it out the mud how you gonna tell me to be humble?”

Earlier this month, he amplified anticipation for EVERYBODY CAN’T GO with “BRON.” Earning unanimous acclaim, The FADER declared, “The new track is a stone-cold victory lap, chock-full of basketball metaphors and unabashed flexes that sound even more celebratory over Hit-Boy’s horn-heavy instrumental.” Stereogum applauded, Benny sounds effortless on the track, putting some slick hesitation in his flow and talking some inventive shit.” Rap Radar highlighted how “The Griselda rapper preaches his winning mentality,” and HotNewHipHop put it best, “Benny dominates the pen game like LeBron does on the court.
It also boasts recent anthem “One Foot In” ft. Stove God Cooks, produced by HIT-BOY. Beyond racking up 441K Spotify streams and 524K YouTube views on the music video, the latter incited critical applause. Stereogum noted, “Benny’s new single “One Foot In” is all about existing in the music business and the criminal underworld at the same time — a difficult proposition for anyone.” Clash professed, “‘One Foot In’ goes hard from the first note to last, and REVOLT highlighted how “the track gives fans a vivid look into the Buffalo emcee’s dark past.” Brooklyn Vegan put it best, “Everyone’s in top form on this one. It’s gritty and gleaming all at once, with a hook you’ll be humming after one listen and verses from Benny and Stove God that find them going as hard as ever.” Listen HERE.

Benny set off his Def Jam era with “Big Dog” featuring Lil Wayne. “Big Dog” has already amassed 3.2 million Spotify streams and counting, in addition to 2.5 million YouTube views on the music video. It earned widespread critical acclaim as The FADER praised how “they are clearly having fun with their bars.” Stereogum raved, “Sometimes, Benny The Butcher and Lil Wayne get together to rip an Alchemist beat to pieces.” Brooklyn Vegan proclaimed, “It finds the Butcher’s boom bap revival sounding as gritty and alluring as ever.

The Butcher has returned….

32. Devin Malik – Canadian Tux


SoCal’s own Devin Malik has been a behind-the-scenes weapon for many of the industry’s hottest names and likely a lot of your faves, even earning a recent co-sign from Kendrick Lamar! He recently displayed his talent with appearances as a producer and rapper on ScHoolboy Q’s acclaimed BLUE LIPS album. He produced and rapped on “Love Birds” and spit fire on the first verse of album highlight “Back n Love.” Behind the scenes, Devin contributed his production talents to highlights like “Nunu,” “oHio” and closing track “Smile.” 

Now he’s ready to step into the limelight with his own new single, rocking the denim on denim “Canadian Tux.” The young spitter flexes over the F1LTHY (Working On Dying)-produced speaker-rattling 808s and sinister synth waves. Though he may cycle through girlfriends like the seasons, he keeps his wardrobe consistent even as the weather changes. From shifting color palettes and senior citizen skateboarders, the video highlights eccentric elements as Devin brings the ice cold climate of the Great White North to sunny Southern California. The track has the perfect sound and vibe to be the new moshpit anthem. 

Devin is working on his own project, which he’ll be dropping in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for much more from him as he makes 2024 his own!

33. MaKenzie – LIPS


rising Kentucky-born, Los Angeles-based R&B pop singer/songwriter MaKenzie reveals a brand new single entitled “LIPS” out now via Warner Records. Listen to “LIPS” HERE.

“LIPS” is a sultry R&B banger produced by Rob Knox, with neon keys, and a catchy beat that locks into a sturdy strut. MaKenzie alternates between breathy inflection and heavenly high register, stretching her voice to stunning heights. In a moment of release, she exhales on the hook, “But there’s something about your lips…and I like the way you kiss.” 

It lands in the wake of her acclaimed single “Maybe” ft. TA Thomas. In addition to looks from BillboardHitsDailyDouble, and more, UPROXX touted it among “All The Best New R&B Music From This Week,” hailing it as “a powerful record that shines with pop flair over R&B production.” Plus, VIBE raved, “The two seamlessly complement each other on the fiery track that’s both nostalgic and vibrant.” 

At the same time, it also bubbled up on coveted DSP playlists such as Spotify’s R&B Weekly and R&B Rising, Apple Music’s R&B Now and Breaking R&B, and Amazon Music’s Fresh R&B.

Known for her showstopping vocal performances, MaKenzie recently stunned the crowd at West Hollywood’s famous Peppermint Club, where TA Thomas joined her on stage to showcase their new single “Maybe.” They blew the audience away with their vocal range and runs. Watch an exclusive clip HERE. 

Born in Kentucky, MaKenzie immediately embraced music as a kid. She went from performing with her family in church at barely two years old to immersing herself in the catalogs of formative influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Toni Braxton, in addition to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. She made a popular appearance on The Terrell Show, while her cover of the Supremes’ classic “You Can’t Hurry Love” tallied just shy of six million streams. She continued to build an audience with consistent R&B and gospel covers on social media. In 2024, MaKenzie inked a deal with Warner Records and officially introduced herself with the new track “Maybe” and more to come.

34. Shordie Shordie -OkOk

Source:Shordie Shordie

Flexing impressive versatility once more, Shordie Shordie unveils a slick new single and music video entitled “OkOk” today. Listen HERE and watch HERE via Warner Records.

The track’s bright keyboard loop shines, and its head-nodding beat bumps. Simultaneously, Shordie Shordie leans into the production with a magnetically melodic flow punctuated by his towering high register. Dropping quotable bars, he jests, “Pocket’s getting fatter and my bitches call me ‘Norbit’,” while his vocals flutter on the question, “What you doing with that clown?” The stylish visual finds him at a photo shoot surrounded by models, in a luxury automobile with friends, strolling through a casino, and enjoying a lavish meal. It seamlessly captures the braggadocios vibe at the heart of the song.

Recently, he served up the stunning music video for “A Lot Of Miles” with Murda Beatz. Beyond reeling in over 1.3 million YouTube views, tastemakers such as HipHopDX plugged it. Meanwhile, the music video for “Drink” amassed over one million YouTube views. “A Lot Of Miles” stood out as the fifth video from his joined project with Murda Beatz, Memory Lane 2, following “Drink,” “Contacts,” “Don’t Forget Me,” and “Ride With Shordie Pt. 2.” 

35. Leigh-Anne – Stealin’ Love


Today, Leigh-Anne shares a brand-new track, “Stealin’ Love,” the first from a recently announced collection of songs. Listen to “Stealin’ Love” HERE via Warner Records.

The heartfelt R&B cut sees a more raw and honest side of Leigh-Anne as she explores the darker sides to love. Pairing soulful lyrics with an infectious instrumental and distorted vocal loop, “Stealin’ Love” is the first of a collection of songs that perfectly showcases Leigh-Anne’s artistry and sonic direction as an artist. Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez), the track was written by Leigh-Anne alongside collaborators Jermaine Jackson, Philip Plested and RØMANS.

Talking about the track, Leigh-Anne explains: “’Stealin’ Love’ speaks to those times when you feel like you are pouring so much love into someone and not getting what you need back. I think it’s incredibly powerful to be open and honest about these moments.”

Last week, Leigh-Anne shared that ‘Stealin’ Love’ is the first of a collection of songs she created whilst working on her debut album: “I’ve been writing & recording so much working on my album but while making it, I’ve made a collection of songs that fit together in their own world. The first song is coming next week and then I’ll be sharing more new music in the following weeks. Sh*t’s about to get very real…”

“Stealin’ Love” follows on from the garage-infused Don’t Say Love’ and the Ayra Starr assisted My Love as Leigh-Anne continues to cement her rebirth as a solo artist.

36. sombr – I’ll Remember Tonight


Burgeoning singer, songwriter, and producer sombr shares a brand new single entitled “i’ll remember tonight” out now via Warner Records – listen HERE.

Painting a vivid and vibrant picture, cinematic piano underlines soft verses as sombr sets the scene, “I took you home, you were unknown.” The energy amplifies as waves of guitar uplift a hypnotic refrain awash in shoegaze-style distortion. The track instantly transfixes with evocative storytelling and expansive loud-soft dynamics steeped in nineties catharsis.

It arrives on the heels of “in your arms.” Around his recent sold-out New York show at Baby’s All Right, Atwood Magazine christened him “the rising indie prince of heartbreak,” and Off The Record Press raved, “Each song is sonically moving with his impeccable touch for composition, adding in soft notes of instruments when needed, such as piano and guitar.”

Surrounded by music since childhood, sombr has gleaned inspiration from his days at legendary public performing arts school LaGuardia High, a fascination with classical music, and countless nights writing and recording out of a bedroom studio in his childhood home in the Lower East Side of New York City. He notably introduced himself with a series of independent fan favorite singles before breakout track “Caroline” cracked 32 million-plus streams on Spotify alone. 

37. Maude Latour – Too Slow

Source:Maude Latour

Heralded by Billboard as “a pop music prodigy who’s long overdue for a mainstream breakthrough,” rising alt-pop star Maude Latour ignites her next chapter with new single “Too Slow” today via Warner Records. The euphoric anthem – which she crafted alongside Grammy-nominated producer Zhone (Troye Sivan) – offers the first taste of her highly-anticipated debut album arriving this summer. Listen HERE and watch the accompanying video HERE, which features professional NFL cheerleaders!

About the single, Maude says, “‘Too Slow’ is an invitation into my next era. This song is a tribute to the many evenings spent getting ready to go nowhere with my friends— that energetic promise of the night when you are alongside your people and anything could happen. This song is just the start of the wild ride that is ML1.”

Maude has firmly cemented her status as a leading artist-to-watch in 2024. With her new single “Too Slow,” the 24 year-old doubles down on her formula of combining studio experimentation with undeniable cosmic-pop hooks and thoughtful lyrics, inviting her audience to come along for the ride, eyes and mind wide open, and stereo turned up as far as it can go. It follows her viral lockdown-era hit “One More Weekend” plus four infectious EPs, which have won over critics from The New York Times to NPR, and earned performances at Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Austin City Limits, and many more.  

Next up, Maude will join Fletcher on her Fall 2024 tour, making stops at iconic venues across the country, including Radio City Music Hall in her hometown New York City and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. See a full list of dates below, and tickets are available now at www.maudelatour.com.