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We’re continuing the Black History Month celebration with Black-owned dispensaries and cannabis brands to support throughout the holiday and beyond. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and people everywhere are attempting to get a piece of the pie. Check out a list of our top 10 Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands inside.

Like most spaces in America, it is most difficult for Black people to occupy a space in the cannabis industry. There are a few brands and dispensaries that have carved out a space for Black people to succeed. It’s the least Black folks can get for being incarcerated over petty drug-related crimes that are now legalized, but that’s another article for another day!

Today, we acknowledge the Black companies that are forging a path for other Black entrepreneurs to take over the cannabis business as well. It’s important to recognize these companies, which have already accomplished a great deal. It is rare to see Black people in the marijuana business, because it cost between $150,000 to $2 million to open a dispensary along with additional costs for licensing and other necessities to sell. Many of the business owners mentioned in this list started in another industry such as entertainment or sports and reinvested into the cannabis business. While other entrepreneurs, found other means to invest and still made a way to fund their businesses.

In short, support Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands this Black History Month because it’s not easy to get in the game. Let’s keep these businesses lifted as the industry continues to grow at astronomical rates.

Spend your money with these Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands this year:


Monogram Campaign featuring Slick Woods, Curren$y, Ghetto Gastro, Chika and Aleali May

Source: Hype Williams / Courtesy Monogram

Jay-Z’s latest venture is the cannabis business with his new company Monogram. The company boasts its mission to start a new chapter in cannabis “defined by dignity, care, and consistency.” Monogram offers a few signature strains in flower form and pre-rolls.

Sacred Zen Suites

Sacred Zen Suites is located in Marina del Rey, California and it offers a luxury cannabis spa experience with a premium flower dispensary, private jacuzzi suites. The spa also offers soak and massage ceremonies. They are currently hosting a giveaway to future and returning customers on their Instagram profile. It definitely looks like a fun experience to kickoff the 4/20 festivities.


This Black owned dispensary was founded by former NBA player Al Harrington. They offer their in-house flower along with other products to choose from. The purpose of Viola Brands is to promote social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry. The site mentions, “our focus is to empower minority ownership by creating a coalition of minority investors who own and operate Viola.”

The company is hosting a pop up at their location in Los Angeles, California for 4/20.

Mary & Main 

Mary & Main is a Black woman owned business in Capitol Heights, Maryland. The company offers just about anything you might desire from a dispensary, but it can only service certified patients at the moment. The brand is hosting a 4/20 experience with over 25 sessions, 30 speakers and “a high like never before.”

Purple Urkel  

Urkel from the 90s sitcom, Family Matters, made a comeback into the cannabis industry. Now, the quirky scientist has invented and invested in his own strain of weed. The brand is offering vape pods, eights and joints. What a time!

Deuces 22 

LA Launch Party For Prince's PETA Song

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Former NBA player and long-time television personality, John Salley and his daughter Tyla Salley joined forces to launch their new cannabis brand Deuces 22 in 2019.The lifestyle brand named after Salley’s NBA jersey number 22 was also sported by his daughter in high school. The premium cannabis brand offers cannabis products from pre-rolls to topicals. The site mentions, “Our products are easy to use, taking the complexity out of cannabis products and making them accessible to everyone, no matter your ability to experience. At Deuces 22 we believe in a future where you should not have to sacrifice quality for convenience. This is why we work with trusted local growers to produce the highest quality flower.”

Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa hopped in the cannabis business over a decade ago. The rap star and cannabis enthusiast partnered with River Rock Cannabis to create his own strain of marijuana called Khalifa Kush. Visit his Khalifa Kush (KK) highlight on his Instagram profile to learn more about his strain.

Josephine and Billies

This Black and woman-owned business is for our tea lovers. It’s the first teased designed for canna-curious women of color. Josephine and Billie’s is an ode to the ’20’s and ’30’s when jazz musicians, activists and more gathered in secretive teapads to smoke “reefer,” drink, listen to jazz and share big ideas.

You need a password for this LA hotspot to get in, but we’ll tell you *whispers* “Billie sent me!

Sixty Four And Hope

For the community! This Black and LGBT-owned dispensary is a wellness-focused cannabis store rooted in culture that elevates rich, local voices through the collaboration of best-in-class products and immersive sensory events.

Their site mentions how they, “honor the plant culture that came before us with enlightened, informed, & interactive store experience that emphasizes a product-first mentality.”

Flower Buds by Sydvisuals

Artist, @sydvisuals, introduces a custom designed line of pink rolling papers titled Flower Buds x Gas Nation. This pretty pink product includes 32 pink King Size Slim papers with tips. How freakin’ cute! Flower Buds x Gas Nation rolling papers are available for purchase here.

There are many other Black owned dispensaries and cannabis brands not mentioned above. If you know of another brand, please comment below and share with our Global Grind community.