George Floyd Solidarity Protest In London

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With the nation and parts of the world protesting systemic oppression, racism, and police violence aimed at the Black community, it’s the perfect time to come together to show America just how essential the Black dollar is to its economy. Today is Blackout Day, a day in which Black folks are tasked with not spending any money — not one dollar — in the name of economic solidarity.

Back in May, The Blackout Coalition founder Calvin Martyr gave a brief synopsis on why this day is important. “I believe, we believe, that if we unite enough people to not spend their dollars, it will make an impact in the economy and they will take notice,” he began, adding “If you must spend a dollar, spend it with a Black business only.” Together, Black folks spend over a trillion dollars per year, NewsOne reports, so the country will certainly be impacted should we stop supporting white American business — and we’ll also have the leverage we need to demand the justice and equality the Black community deserves.

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Blackout Day 2020 organizers are asking for the following on behalf of us all: “that we stop being shot down in the streets;” “that racist legislation be purged from the books, and the cancerous ideology that this country was founded upon be rooted out; “that we have equal opportunity to access funding so that we can conduct business and practice group economics amongst ourselves;” “that we are allowed to build our own communities and industries and be left alone; “that you stop murdering our leaders when they attempt to unite us as a people.”

Urban One stands with Martyr and the rest of our community on this day and every day. Read our official company statement below and join us in economic protest. #BlackLivesMatter.

Black Out Day

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