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Source: Courtesy / BLK Dating App

BLK Dating App celebrates 2024 Pride Month with a brand new campaign titled “It’s Giving Space: Celebrating Queer Event Curators and Entrepreneurs.” The trailblazing initiative amplifies Black LGBTQ+ voices and celebrates queer entrepreneurship. Read more about BLK’s new campaign inside.

The world’s leading dating and lifestyle app for the Black community focuses on diverse stories and inclusion. The Pride Month campaign aims to uncover and amplify Black LGBTQ+ stories, celebrating these voices authentically both within and beyond the community. The initiative spotlights the compelling stories of three LGBTQ+ party collectives: Party Noire (Chicago), Global Warming (Brooklyn), and Lesbians in Houston (Houston).

“At BLK, we are dedicated to uncovering and celebrating the untold stories within the Black LGBTQ+ community.” said Jonathan Kirkland, Head of Brand and Marketing for BLK. With “It’s Giving Space,” we aim to shed light on the rich subcultures and vibrant narratives that often go unnoticed. These community leaders are pivotal in shaping our cultural landscape, and their stories of resilience and creativity deserve to be heard. We are proud to support and amplify their voices, highlighting their invaluable contributions to both the Black and LGBTQ+ communities.”

The campaign, created in partnership with author, podcast host, and BLK Advocacy Council member, Sesali Bowen, focuses on Black event curators in cities across the country. By integrating engaging content, social media, in-real-life (IRL) events, this initiative BLK strives to inspire and honor the authentic, diverse expressions of being Black, proud, and queer.

Black folks make up a significant portion of the LGBTQ+ community and offer unique contributions to the culture that are often underrepresented in mainstream Pride celebrations.

BLK’s 2024 Pride Month campaign celebrates the people who are not only renowned for orchestrating amazing events but are also recognized as entrepreneurial pioneers who play a crucial role in enriching their communities.

Check out the featured collectives:

Party Noire (Chicago)

Party Noire is an inclusive cultural hub that celebrates Black femmes, Queer Women of Color (QWOC), and Black womanhood along the gender spectrum, particularly focusing on queer, trans, and genderqueer Black individuals. Founded by Nick and Rae, Party Noire creates intentional spaces that uplift and affirm the lives of Black women through vibrant events and community-building activities. The content series will focus on how Party Noire challenges the perception of Chicago as an overlooked Pride destination by showcasing its dynamic events and the significant impact they have on the Black LGBTQ+ community. Viewers will gain insights into the creation of these empowering spaces and the collective’s mission to foster Black queer joy and solidarity.

Global Warming (Brooklyn)

Global Warming is dedicated to uplifting and centering Black and Brown queer and trans folks by providing spaces where they can dance, celebrate, and experience joy. Co-created by DJs Adair and Boston Chery, this Brooklyn-based collective focuses on creating intentional, safe environments that bring the community together, despite the challenges of securing venues in a post-pandemic world. The content series will highlight Global Warming’s resilience and innovation in reviving Brooklyn’s queer nightlife. It will delve into the collective’s efforts to create memorable, culturally rich events that foster a deep sense of belonging and community among attendees.

Lesbians in Houston (Houston)

Lesbians in Houston is committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for queer women in Houston, a city within a traditionally conservative state. The collective specializes in producing some of the hottest nightlife events and parties for lesbians living in or visiting Houston. The content series will explore the unique challenges and experiences faced by the collective in hosting Black queer events in the South. It will showcase how Lesbians in Houston provides a crucial refuge and community space for queer women, highlighting their efforts to foster connections and support within a conservative cultural landscape.

BLK will continue to support these collectives by sponsoring their Pride events, providing safe spaces for celebration and connection within the Black LGBTQ+ community. Each event will dedicate time to premiering the collective’s video from the content series, showcasing their unique journeys and contributions. These videos will highlight the inspiring stories of the LGBTQ+ community leaders, offering a deeper look into their impact and dedication.

For more information on the campaign, visit the website here.