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This week Audible premiered their latest ‘Words + Music’ series — this time featuring the one and only — Mariah Carey!

Source: Courtesy / Audible

Mariah Carey’s Words + Music installment, Portrait of a Portrait debuted Thursday, exclusively from Audible. A must-listen for true fans of Carey, the singer opens up about her deeply personal songs and even offers insight into their meanings in a way she never has before. Listen below as she talks about writing more personal songs, opening up about working on her album Caution.

The 40th volume of the highly successful Audible franchise invites listeners to an enchanting Butterfly Lounge session that takes them on a unique journey through musical storytelling. Carey reveals the thought process behind making her songwriting universal in a clip below:

Portrait of a Portrait offers an intimate window into Carey’s creative process, revealing the genesis of her compositions as well as the narratives embedded within the songs. At the project’s core is an introspective exploration of “Portrait,” a soul-stirring track from Carey’s acclaimed album, Caution, underscoring the deep connection she maintains with each piece of her work.

The Audible Original also features an exclusive, never-before-heard House remix of the original “Portrait,” highlighting the diverse soundscape of the superstar’s musical legacy.

Mariah Carey’s ‘Words + Music’ episode Portrait of a Portrait is available exclusively on Audible now.