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Jeezy and Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ one year old daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins is discovering her mixed roots at an early age. The adorable celebrity baby was spotted with her paternal grandparents eating some good Southern breakfast, and she seemed to love it. Check out the cute viral video inside.

In late 2021, Mai-Jenkins confirmed her pregnancy with her husband Jeezy, on her show “The Real.” A few months later, the pair welcomed their beautiful baby girl daughter Monaco on Jan. 11, 2022.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy recognize the significance of teaching their daughter about her mixed roots early on. Jeannie, one of the Emmy-winning co-hosts of “The Real,” spoke with Jennifer Hudson on her show about how much her life has changed since the daytime series was canceled in April 2022. Before “The Real,” Jenkins said she thought she would never remarry, let alone have a family.”

Now, the mommy of her daughter Monaco and wife to Jeezy is doing it gracefully and in pure love.

“You just never know what happens,” Jenkins shared on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” “The best part is really being true to yourself.”

Jenkins married rapper Jeezy in March 2021after meeting him on “The Real.” Since then, they created a life and family together. Their 1-year-old has mixed heritage, with her mother being Vietnamese and her father being Black.

Jenkins told Hudson that it’s been, “the best thing to really teach her how to own who she is.”

The TV personality explained how Monaco travels across the country to be with each of her parents’ families. The toddler — who Jenkins says is more of a daddy’s girl — spends time in the South to be with Jeezy’s family based in Atlanta. Then the family goes to the Bay Area to be with her Vietnamese grandparents.

“She’s a beautiful blend of being Black and Vietnamese,” Jeannie shared with Hudson on the show. “I want her to really understand what that means as a powerful woman today.”

Monaco is impressive to be so young. Jenkins explained that she is already grasping both cultures at a young age.

“She understands both sides and I only speak Vietnamese to her,” she said. “And then Dad only speaks the South to her. I don’t know what’s going to come out, we’ll see.”

Jeezy’s parents are making sure she understands a good ol’ Southern breakfast as well. The one year old can be seen enjoying some bacon and grits one morning with her Pop Pop and Nana, who happily record a video of her eating to send to mommy Jeannie.

Check out the adorable video below: