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Disney Channel’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century turned 25 this year. The iconic late ‘90s film’s anniversary reminded us about how badly we wanted to live Zenon’s intergalactic life. The technological advances, otherworldly fashion and space talk are just a few reasons we loved this classic Disney movie. Check out our favorite facts to celebrate 25 years of Zenon inside.

The beloved Disney Channel movie debuted on Jan. 23, 1999. It follows an inquisitive teenager (Kirsten Storms), who finds herself involved with a suspected dodgy dealing on her space station home. This leads her to being sent down to Earth.

The sci-fi and adventure film’s cast includes Storms as Zenon Kar, Raven-Symoné as Nebula Wade and Phillip Rhys as Proto Zoa, Microbe.

The chances are if you were a Disney Channel kid, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, was on your favorite’s list. Most 90’s kids remember envying Zenon for having the coolest outer space life. She literally lived in space, wearing the coolest clothes, and her parents were scientists whose version of punishment was sending Zenon back down to Earth.

They were living in a Dystopian community that we marveled in as Disney channel kids. Their world made more sense, and they had technological advances in the late ‘90s, which we still haven’t made today. Despite AI integration and new gadgets popping up everyday, Zenon and her friends had it made.

It’s all so nostalgic!

Check out some of our favorite facts about the legendary Disney Channel movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century below:

1. Way Ahead of Their Time


Even though the movie was made in the late ’90s, they somehow still managed to beat technology with what looked like iPads and FaceTime. Disney knew the future before we did. 

2. Space Talk


Zenon’s space lingo hit millennials like a bag of bricks. There are plenty of fans still saying her most adored phrase, Zetus lapetus! 

3. Out of this World Fashion


The iconic metallics, vibrant pink and blue fits, feathers and legendary silver scrunchies were all so fabulous. 

4. Zenon Was On Her Zoom Way Before Us


Zenon’s teacher taught their class via hologram, and holograms were the usual. Let’s face it: Zenon was on her Zoom way before us.

5. Supernova Girl


Disney Channel lives for a boy band moment.  Remember when: Zenon and Nebula freak out over Microbe and their lead singer, Protozoa. Who’s not still singing “Supernova Girl” today?

6. Nebula Ate


She was a real friend, always calling Zenon out on the BS. Nebula was a lovable character with such an adventurous spirit and impeccable fashion sense. They replaced our girl Raven-Symoné in the sequel, but that Cheetah Girl had other places to be. 

7. Aunt Judy Was An Inspiration


Though her and Zenon didn’t always see eye to eye, we loved Aunty Judy. She had the cheesiest jokes and ate whatever she wanted, but most importantly, she was always there for her niece Zenon.

8. Zenon Hated Earth But Had A Roster


In just five days on Earth, Zenon bagged a guy. She wasn’t afraid to say exactly what she wanted. Some of her most memorable quotes were, “If you want to kiss me just do it!” and “Dare to try again?” IKDR, Supernova Girl!