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This Pride Month we want to celebrate the Black LGBTQ+ influencers bringing fun, entertaining and insightful content to social media. These stars have leveraged their social media platforms to entertain through larger mediums in podcasting, TV, film and music. Check out a gallery of 15 of our favorite Black LGBTQ+ influencing stars inside.

These influencer celebrities are not shy when it comes to waving their rainbow flags. They are unapologetic in their approach to covering culturally relevant content online. They have also amassed huge followings, which have taken their talents to several other mediums and even larger platforms.

Queer identifying artists like Baby Tate and Saucy Santana have made our list for their entertaining posts and songs that keep fans on their feet. Other major talents like The Read co-hosts Crissle and Kid Fury have used their podcasting and social media acumen to find their own paths in TV as writers and hosts of other platforms.

There are a number of amazing Black LGBTQ+ creators to celebrate but we will start with these 15 talented influencers. Comment some of your favorites below.

1. Amber Whittington

Source:Amber Whittington

Amber Whittington, better known on social media as “Ambers Closet,” is a lesbian content creator based in Los Angeles. Fans may recognize her from her popular YouTube channel, where she discusses dating, LGBTQ+ issues, and her identity as a masculine-presenting queer person.

Follow Amber at @amberscloset on Instagram and @amberscloset33 on TikTok.

2. Baby Tate

Source:Baby Tate

Baby Tate, born Tate Sequoya Farris, is a bisexual rapper and influencer based in Atlanta, Ga. While she grew up in the music business as singer Dionne Farris’s daughter, Baby Tate forged her own path with hits like “I Am,” “Hey, Mickey,” and “Sl*t Him Out.” She also proudly shares her truth of being a queer, Black rapper in the industry on social media.

Follow Baby Tate on Instagram and TikTok @imbabytate.

3. Crissle West


Crissle West is a writer, influencer, and half of one of the world’s favorite podcasts, The Read.  Alongside her best friend Kid Fury, Crissle engages in conversation around pop culture’s messiness while adding valuable mental health gems and defending queer, Black folks always. Through the podcast’s success, Crissle decided to pursue a career in the psychological field and recently graduated. She celebrated alongside close family and friends.

Follow Crissle on Instagram @crissle.

4. Denzel Dion

Source:Denzel Dion

Denzel Dion made an impact on the internet with his self-titled YouTube channel, which currently has over 1 million subscribers. His day-one fans recall Denzel’s hilarious celebrity fashion commentary, with him ending most of his videos with “I said what I said, and I meant what I said.”

Since his early Vine days, Denzel has continued to blossom on socials, growing his audience on other social platforms and even started his own fashion line, NOID. He also co-hosts a podcast with his BFF, Rickey Thompson, called We Said What We Said.

Follow Denzel on Instagram and TikTok @denzeldion.

5. Dev Doe

Source:Dev Doe

Dev is a transgender influencer and artist in NYC. They/she is a staple in the New York drag show scene and is just as signficant in the fashion world. Dev flaunts their fearless style, which has received attention from brands like Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line. She also received the Glam Awards Breakthrough Artist in 2022.

Follow Dev on Instagram and TikTok @devdoee.

6. Essie Golden

Source:Essie Golden

Essie is plus-size fashion influencer and model in NYC. She has created a flourishing platform to promote her style or collaborations with brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, and her personal shoe company, Thick Laces. Essie is a proud bisexual woman and reminds her followers that being bisexual doesn’t have a particular look.

Follow Essie on Instagram and TikTok @essiegolden.

7. Jade Fox

Source:Jade Fox

Lesbian influencer Jade Fox describes herself as “Your authentic authority on all things culture and fashion.” On her YouTube channel, Jade discusses topics in the Black queer community and her role as an influencer. Jade also used her love of style to create her T-shirt shop, Hillfox Club.

Follow Jade on Instagram and TikTok @iamjadefox.

8. Kid Fury

Source:Kid Fury

Kid Fury’s gained viral fame far before people were using the term “viral.”His YouTube video “S–t Black Gays Say” in 2012 gained traction and he has since continued to reinvent himself. Through his and Crissle’s podcast, The Read, Kid Fury brings joy to their fans with his comedic quips on pop culture and his “Sports Shorts.”

Kid Fury has also been vocal about his mental health struggles, which has made him even more influential and relatable. Since the podcast, Kid Fury has written for TV on Issa Rae’s “Rap Sh!t.” 

Follow Kid Fury on Instagram @kidfury.

9. Jay Versace

Source:Jay Versace

One of the greatest Vine stories ever told. Jay Versace was part of the social media app’s reign and it’s his viral videos that gained him notoriety online and beyond. Fans can’t forget his unforgettable bob wig with the bangs. 

After a few years of success as an influencer, Jay left comedy behind to pursue his true passion — music. Since reinventing himself, the openly gay producer has worked with countless artists like Summer Walker, SZA, and Childish Gambino.

Follow Jay on Instagram @jay.

10. Ty Winter

Source:Winter Issues

Ty is an influencer, model, poet and fashion designer, who inspires the masses with their unapologetic style, spoken word and entertaining content. They have been a pillar in LGBTQ+ representation for the Gen-Z generation.

Follow Ty on Instagram and TikTok @winterissues.

11. Rickey Thompson

Source:Rickey Thompson

Rickey Thompson found major success with his comedy sketches on Vine and later Instagram and TikTok. These days he’s evolved into an actor with his breakout role in Amazon Prime’s “Swarm” in March 2023. 

Follow Rickey on Instagram and TikTok @rickeythompson.

12. Saucy Santana

Source:Saucy Santana

Rashad Spain, aka Saucy Santana, began his career as the City Girls’ makeup artist. The openly gay rapper left his old day job behind and found stardom using TikTok and Instagram.

Through his social media success, Saucy quickly established himself as a rapper with hits like “MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL!,” “Booty,” and “Pinot Noir.” Fans also love Saucy’s fearless comments about being gay in the music industry and his expressive style.

Follow Saucy on Instagram and TikTok @saucysantana.

13. Naomi Smalls

Source:Naomi Smalls

Naomi Smalls is a notable queer influencer and drag queen. Fans have likely seen Naomi from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8, where Naomi was a runner-up. Since the show, she has continued performing with other “Drag Race” favorites and has returned to the show for Season 4 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars.”

Follow Naomi on Tik Tok and Instagram @naomismalls.

14. Shea Coulee

Source:Shea Coulee

Shea Coulee is a popular trans-infleuncer, who became famous after appearing on Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2017. Though Shea didn’t win Season 9, she won the All-Stars trophy in Season 5. 

Today, Shea continues to fearlessly speak out against LGBTQ oppression, especially the recent anti-drag bills placed in certain U.S. states.

Follow Shea on TikTok and Instagram @sheacoulee.

15. Jazzmyne Jay

Source:Jazzmyne Jay

Jazzmyne Jay doesn’t take social media too seriously but she also doesn’t play about creating safe spaces in the queer community, especially for plus-size models like herself.

Jazzmyne’s often showing off her cutest looks or off getting tattoos with her boo. She also has no issue reminding haters that there’s enough room for everyone to thrive, but especially LGBTQ+ folks. 

Follow Jazzmyne on Instagram @jazzmynejay and on TikTok @thiiiiktok.