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Source: Courtesy / BLK

Spring Breakers are gearing up for a much-needed break from school. With the season fast approaching, BLK, the leading dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, announces its newest innovative feature that will revolutionize the way spring breakers connect. Read more about BLK’s Spring Break Mode inside.

As the largest platform catering to the Black community, BLK aims to be at the forefront of creating meaningful connections. Now, their new innovative feature, Spring Break Mode, is taking the app to the next level. By surveying the vibrant BLK user base, they have uncovered the top destinations for this year’s spring break, including Atlanta, Cancun, Miami, Jamaica, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cabo, Dominican Republic, and Panama City Beach.

Spring Break Mode allows users to match with others based on their chosen Spring Break destination. By adding a custom profile sticker indicating their spring break hotspot, users can connect with fellow travelers heading to the same place. This feature allows spring breakers to chat and connect before they even set foot on the sand.

BLK’s survey also revealed some fascinating insights into the mindset of spring breakers this year:

  • 54% of respondents are planning to travel for spring break, with Miami emerging as the top destination of choice.
  • The majority of spring breakers are seeking to “party and pop bottles” (51%), followed by those looking for Relaxation & Chill Vibes (32%) and Adventure seekers (17%).
  • While 72% have not had a romantic hookup during previous spring break trips, a whopping 79% are hoping to change that this year.
  • 1 in 3 spring breakers have used a dating app to meet someone during spring break, and 12% have admitted to cheating on a significant other during a spring break trip.

With Spring Break Mode, BLK is creating a safe and inclusive space for spring breakers to make meaningful connections, explore new adventures, and create unforgettable memories.

Be sure to download BLK to experience Spring Break with new friends and connections.