On her debut solo EP, Denae, a clever lyricist, and vocalist sets down the hallmarks of her sound. Placing her far apart from her peers, the singular creative singer pins mid-tempo beats at the project’s center, deep toplines suspended atop them.

Through sometimes sung and sometimes rapped verses, Denae perfectly tackles the topics of mental health and dysfunction in an ear-catching. Her thought-provoking manner when it comes to song deliverance has epitomized her as an artist that speaks to many.

The raw collection of thoughts engages a myriad of different sounds in eclectic, creative fashion. The 5 track wonder offers plenty of surprises, for instance juxtaposing the EP’s finale, “All Noise” with “Cold Blood.”

A tightly sutured record of Denae’s singing and songwriting fluency, the album “My Dark Place” is sure to hit you right in the feels.