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If you haven’t watched Bad Boys: Ride Or Die yet, watch out — there are spoilers ahead!

Source: Courtesy / Sony Pictures

But also, why haven’t you seen Bad Boys: Ride Or Die yet? Dennis Greene returned to reprise his role as Reggie for the third time and this time around he finally had his time to shine. McDonald had very memorable appearances in Bad Boys II (2003) and Bad Boys For Life (2020), but in Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Reggie’s character has some truly jaw-dropping scenes — one in particular where he shows off his skills as a fighter and marksman, which reflect his training as a Marine.

“I had to save the family,” McDonald told Global Grind. “I’m in the Marines now, so you don’t know what I’m giving up, so I’m glad that y’all got a chance to see me go crazy.”

In case you don’t recall, when we first met Reggie he was on Marcus’ doorstep picking up his daughter for a date.

Years later that date has turned into marriage and Reggie is a real part of the Bad Boys family. McDonald spoke about Reggie’s evolution throughout the films, revealing how appreciative he’s been of his role in the Bad Boys franchise.

“It’s a blessing,” McDonald told GlobalGrind. “It’s just amazing, you get to watch Reggie grow as a character. I’ve grown as a man and we all watched Reggie grow as a man, so just to see him do this and just save the day and be welcomed into the family the way he’s supposed to, I think that’s what people get from it, like that’s why I love from it.”

Dennis McDonald as Reggie in 'Bad Boys II' and 'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die'

Source: Courtesy / Sony Pictures

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die goes full Call of Duty with the camera angles and shooting style for Reggie’s standout scene, it’s a moment that audiences love that also resonated with McDonald.

“I think it was amazing because I’m a Marine, I’m in Call of Duty and then I had to do Call of Duty in real life, so that just makes it for me,” McDonald told Global Grind. “I play Call of Duty on my phone sometimes too, so just to see it all play out the way it did, it was just right on point.”

After the success of Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, audiences are definitely looking for more from the franchise, and McDonald told Global Grind he can see a future where Reggie and Mike’s son Armando continue to play bigger roles in the action. When asked what he could see for future installments, McDonald told us as much.

“You know giving Martin and Will their reclining chairs, letting them sit back while they got me taking on the rest of the Miami PD,” McDonald said. “Hopefully me and Armando, we just start taking over and just letting them sit down a little bit, so we can have up until Bad Boys 10 out. Passing the torch — we might as well.”

Dennis McDonald as Reggie in 'Bad Boys II' and 'Bad Boys: Ride Or Die'

Source: Courtesy / Sony Pictures

In the meantime, McDonald says he’ll just continue to soak up game from acting OG’s Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who have both offered sage advice.

“Just keep working, keep your feelings out this business, it’s a rough game and just know the business side of things and and keep at your craft, never stop working,” McDonald revealed were the fundamentals that Lawrence and Smith have shared with him over the years.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next for Reggie — and McDonald!

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is in theaters now.