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In honor of Black Mental Health Awareness Month, a new study shows that these countries are the most mentally healthy in the world. Your environment plays a huge part in your well-being and these countries understand and prioritize that. Check out the best countries for your mental health inside.

A new study conducted by EvenBet Gaming ranked the most mentally healthy countries. The study took into account stress levels, the searches for “mental health help” and analyzed data about the percentage of healthcare budget spent on mental health issues. The information about health care index and quality of life were taken from Numbeo. The study took into account all these factors, creating a score system and then ranking the countries by it.

People being more aware of their mental health became a trend in the wake of Covid-19. Now, more than ever, American citizens are considering uprooting their lives for a more sustainable and health conscious (and sane) future.

For Black people, it is not an easy feat, but more expats are transitioning overseas to places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and various European, Asian and African countries. They hope to find more suitable lifestyles for their overall health, but particularly, their mental wellness.

This month we acknowledge the disparities between Black people and the mental health and wellness spaces. There aren’t a ton of resources that specifically focus on the well-being of people in Black communities, and we have already curated a list of resources that do exist.

Now, this new study shares how changing up your environment can help maintain and sustain the highest quality of life. Countries like Luxembourg, Denmark and France are leading as the most mentally healthy countries across the world.

Luxenbourg has the lowest stress levels, high government spendings on mental health and the highest quality of life. Denmark takes the second place with the lowest stress levels among all the countries with only 21 percent. France stands out as a country with the highest governmental mental health spendings which is 15 percent of all healthcare.

Places like Norway, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland and Iceland also rank amongst the best government systems with high mental healthcare budgets and the lowest stress levels amongst their citizens.

Would you consider a move overseas for your mental health’s sake? Comment your thoughts below.

Check out the rankings below:

Country Stress levels Searches for “mentalhealth help” Government mentalhealth spendings Health Care Index Quality of life Score
Luxembourg 30% 2.4K 13.40% 76.44 207.7 9.45
Denmark 21% 58.2K 11% 77.99 193.8 8.44
Norway 38% 10.2K 13.50% 75.69 183.4 7.62
The Netherlands 29% 49.9K 7.10% 79.29 199.7 7.53
Spain 34% 20.8K 7.30% 77.56 177 6.72
Finland 40% 10.1K 5.60% 77.34 190.8 6.48
France 37% 52K 15.00% 78.19 152.1 6.46
Iceland 29% 2K 5.70% 67.26 195 6.34
Switzerland 32% 13.4K 5.10% 72.4 185.3 6.16
Germany 31% 87K 11.30% 71.64 176.1 5.41