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Source: Courtesy / Tamron Hall

Fashion designer and Telfar founder, Telfar Clemens, announced a new exclusive bag program called the Gifted project on the “Tamron Hall” show. Read more details and watch a clip from the exclusive interview inside.

The designer shares some exciting news with Tamron Hall and the Tam Fam. He gave away his beloved and highly sought-after Telfar handbags. Then he announced a new and special program called Gifted, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

On the Nov. 9 edition of the “Tamron Hall” show, the founder of the Black-owned, genderless fashion brand known internationally for their iconic T-Logo Shopping Bag, joined the show to announce the project. It was created with the goal of giving back to the community.

Clemens announced that beginning on November 17, the brand will allow customers to gift a bag, free of cost, to someone they love when they buy a bag of their own. Through the Gifted project, Telfar will give away 5,000 – 10,000 bags in total. On “Tamron Hall,” Telfar surprised every member of the Tam Fam studio audience with their very own Shopping Bag.

What a beautiful initiative and just in time for the holiday gifting season! Clemens’ Telfar brand has made a mark on the fashion industry in recent years, despite being founded back in 2005. Its’ signature shopping bag can be seen worn on the flyest fashionistas across the world. Telfar’s global outreach is a testament to Clemens ensuring that his products are affordable and quality. He’s upheld his word to keeping the brand accessible to his community even as the brand continues to evolve.

Shout out to him!

Watch a clip from the interview below: