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Daughter of late rapper DMX, Sonovah Hillman Jr., aims to raise awareness about drug addiction by producing a four-part docuseries. The 10-year-old spoke about how she found the strength and inspiration to share this impactful message. Read more inside.

Hillman reportedly mentioned to her mother, also named Sonovah Hillman, tha she was taking a 10-week Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program at school. It was there that she became influenced by what she had been learning throughout the program.

The power of TikTok’s algorithm helped her uncover a video with similar context. The video showed Master P having a conversation with his daughter about her drug addiction. Sonovah Jr.’s mom said it made her explore her father’s own addiction struggles.

Sonovah Jr. started doing more research surrounding her dad’s addiction by watching interviews where he candidly discussed his addiction and rehab. The young girl was prompted by her research to visit a rehab facility for herself, and her mom agreed it was a good idea.

“I was kind of shocked,” Hillman told FOX23. ”She immediately started to talk to the people there and ask them questions about their experiences. The way they reacted to her was really, really beautiful.”

It wasn’t until after they both left the rehab facility that an old friend of DMX’s reached out to Hillman and encouraged them to begin documenting the journey.

Hillman asked her ten-year-old if she would be interested in filming these encounters, and she was eager to share. The mother-daughter creative duo are currently crowdsourcing to film the four-part documentary, which will help spread awareness and hopefully savelives.

“I want to talk to other kids whose parents have died of an overdose or are still currently using,” Sonovah Jr. shares in a sizzle reel on Instagram. Sonovah Jr. has experienced extreme loss due to fentanyl related overdoses. She lost her father, who died of a drug-induced heart attack. The young girl has also lost her aunt and uncle to fentanyl overdoses.

 “I’m ready to have the conversation that some adults aren’t ready to have,” Sonovah Jr. bravely adds.

The courageous pre-teen is on a mission to “educate, spread awareness, and save lives.” Sonovah Jr. began using the hashtag #fentanaw to further spread their message. She and her mom have also created a GoFundMe to help produce the indie docuseries.

“I think she just wants to get more information out there and maybe get some closure along the way,” Sonovah co-signs her daughter. “And make sure the kids don’t feel left out or abandoned while they’re going through, dealing with parents and loved ones on drugs.”

Check out the sizzle reel Sonovah Jr. posted on social media below: