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Get excited for the beloved buddy comedy film’s return. Kel Mitchell shares a clip of him and his co-star Kenan Thompson on the set of Good Burger 2. Fans reactions were not what the comedian and actor may have expected when sharing online, but we all know to expect the unexpected on social media. Check out some of the fan reactions inside.

The long-awaited comedy sequel is currently filming in Rhode Island with returning star Mitchell and Thompson. Kel harmlessly takes to social media to share a video of himself and co-star Kenan in their reprised roles as Ed and Dexter Reed. The original Good Burger was first released back in 1997, with fans anticipating a sequel ever since.

As we previously announced, fans’ dreams have been fulfilled. The nostalgia is intense as fans welcome Kenan and Kel onscreen together in this capacity again.

“Ed and Dex about to set it off,” Mitchell says in the video, sporting the classic pinstriped Good Burger uniform, which has become a Halloween staple since the late 90s. “Y’all get ready this is going to be epic! Shoutout to my sis [Jada Pinkett Smith]. Y’all just got a glimpse of the inside of the Good Burger Mobile! Cleo let me borrow her whip!”

The franchise was first birthed by a comedy sketch of the same name on the Nickelodeon series “All That,” which Kenan and Kel starred in during their early acting days. The movie follows Kenan as Dexter Reed, a 16-year-old high school student who, after wrecking his teacher’s car, is forced to get a summer job at a fast-food restaurant to pay for the damages. There, he meets Ed, played by Kel, a lovable, innocent, dim-wit who often causes Dexter many headaches.

The first film wasn’t received well by critics upon its release, yet it has become a fan-favorite and cult classic over the years with several quotable lines and memorable costumes perfect for Halloween.

Good Burger received a Rotten Tomatoes critical score of 33 percent but a fresh score of 63 percent.

It looks like the same initial criticism returned for the sequel, but this time reviews are coming in from the Internet (which virtually didn’t exist when the film first debuted). It’s mostly fans making jokes on Twitter about Kel’s appearance, comparing him to Jada Pinkett-Smith in Set it Off. The comedy is endless, and we are happy to see Mitchell embracing it.

We’re still excited for a sequel from our faves, but first we must let the Internet get its jokes off.

Check out fan reactions to the first look of Good Burger 2 below:

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3. Now Why Y’all Involve Our Beloved Cicely?


4. It Is A Strangely Similar


5. Good Burger Wig Realness


6. OMG, Please Come Look At This


7. Good Justice? Poetic Burger?


8. Whoopi In Her Prime Is Silly


9. Not Ed Saint


10. Anyways, Y’all Tuning In?