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Football coach and former professional player Deion Sanders shared what he looks for in a quarterback in a recent interview on the “Rich Eisen Show.” Fans react to Coach Sanders player requirements online. Some agreeing with Sanders and many others finding his statement to be hypocritical. Check out more on this story and fan reactions inside.

In the interview, Sanders shares what he’s looking for in a quarterback. He mentioned coach’s typical requirements for a college level quarterback including a 3.5 grade point average and leadership skills. The part that shocked fans the most is that the current University of Colorado Boulder coach said a non-negotiable for him is that the player was brought up in a 2-parent household. Sanders said that he recruits his defensive end differently. He prefers DE who was raised in a single parent home, barely making it. Sanders looks for a player who is hungry to break free from their situation.

In theory, we could understand why Sanders might have specific requirements for each position. The defensive end would absolutely need to fight more, put pressure in the field and be a complementary player to the entire team. They need vision just like the quarterback, but Sanders is implying they need to have bigger stakes.

One Twitter user shared a clip from the interview saying, “Coach Deion Sanders say he look for a 2 parent households, 3.5 GPA and leadership skills when recruiting QB’s because they have to be smart but when recruiting a DE he prefers a kid from a single parent barely making it on free lunch who are hungry to get out of poverty.”

Another social media user, Dr. Gourjoine M. Wade quoted the tweet saying, “It’s outrageous to imply that a student from a single parent home with a 2.6 GPA isn’t equipped to be a leader…absolutely ridiculous.🤡”

He goes on to comment on Sanders’ interview, suggesting he’s an elitist and ill-informed.

“Very elitist, ill-informed, and insensitive; loud and wrong. Also, it “secretly” tells you a lot about what he thought about the students at JState,” Dr.Wade posts.

Another user commented on the thread suggesting Sanders is a hypocrite, because his son has technically been raised in a single-parent household.

Though Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar divorced back in 2013, the football coach and his children’s mother are both very involved in their kids lives.

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