Emerging Portuguese DJ, composer, and producer Fenki just released his latest track, “Champion,” a motivational anthem promoting feelings of resilience. Fenki is following-up on his previous releases “Disconnected,” “Stronger,” “I Ain’t Here Anymore,” and “I’m Running”. 

His recent performances at Ame Laroc festival in Brazil during the Carnival in February saw the young artist playing long sets to a large crowd during three days.

As a child, he took piano classes  before starting to learn about mixing at 13 years old. It’s on a trip to Tomorrowland Brazil at the age of 15 that he fell in love with Dance music, and upon his return, he took part in music theory and music production courses.

From trap to future bass, Future House, Electro, House and Progressive, Fenki’s unique ability at translating his emotions through a wide range of musical genres gives him the extra-credibility of a complete artist.