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Source: Courtesy / Soundraw

Rapper Fivio Foreign releases a new drill song titled “Doin Me” with AI music generator of the future, Soundraw Inc. Check out the brand new release and learn more aobut he AI platform inside.

The two-time Grammy-nominated artist Fivio is back with his latest release today (Sept. 15). He’s partnered with Soundraw, which claims to be the AI music generator of the future.

The innovative hub for creators and artists has collaborated with Fivio to release the song titled “Doin Me.”

Unleashing the power of AI music generation, Soundraw aims to uplift and elevate artistic expression. With this in mind, it has resulted in a first-of-its-kind collaboration that transcends established hip-hop conventions.

In the new single, Fivio raps slick rhymes over a self-produced beat. The innovative composition tool for creators made it simple for the New York giant to create in a new way. Fivio and Soundraw introduce new creative process to artists, so that they can be more hands-on in their creative process. The platform was manufactured to empower the creative community by making it easier for users to tap into a new era of music creation. It’s a brand new era for music creation!

Official Soundraw Description:

Soundraw is an innovative composition tool for creators. Create songs that match your content perfectly in minutes and with no music composition knowledge! Customize your next track for your video with AI. ▶︎Go to Sounrdraw and start creating Ai music Soundraw AI platform is known for being able to customize royalty-free music. This new tool is great for videographers and creators to use for editing their videos. Same great quality. An eye-catching NEW DESIGN, NEW FEATURES & NEW LAYOUT that is simplified to help you quickly get back to your edit.

Check out Fivio and Soundraw’s unique partnership below: