AKITA, the funk band originating from the southeastern part of the United States, has finally released their long-awaited third album For The Night. The new record showcases their remarkable ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres into a unique and captivating listening experience. With its dynamic and diverse sound, the LP features a collection of eight outstanding tracks, among which are “Now or Never,” “Bet,” “Magic Market,” “Shine Down,” “Tiger Claw,” and the most recent single, “The Way It Is.”

For The Night presents a range of unique tracks, each adding to the album’s overall theme. “The Way It Is,” for instance, is a thought-provoking song that challenges life’s injustices, inspiring listeners to let go of uncontrollable situations. The lyrics bring light to the importance of embracing imperfections and promote a positive outlook on life, encouraging listeners to appreciate and accept the intricacies of their existence.

While the album’s title track emphasizes treasuring life’s valuable moments and freeing oneself from daily stress, “Now or Never” resonates with listeners by conveying the yearning for a profound and significant connection. Throughout the album, AKITA tackles different subjects, urging listeners to enjoy the experience and let go of their worries.

Taking cues from funk legends like Lettuce, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Earth, Wind & Fire, AKITA has been a prominent figure in the Southeast’s funk scene since 2017. With their infectious tunes, the band has amassed a dedicated following, while their dynamic live performances at festivals and venues throughout the region have cemented their position as a driving force in the industry. 

For The Night will soon be available on vinyl, giving fans the chance to experience the band’s sound in a whole new way. Additionally, AKITA will be releasing the music video for the title track, adding a visually stunning layer to their already impressive artistic output. 

Listen to the full album here: