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There have been countless producers who have come through and made a name for themselves, but few have been as innovative and had as big of an impact as Pharrell Williams. After performing in a high school talent show, Pharrell (alongside longtime colleague and The Neptunes member Chad Hugo) was discovered by the legendary Teddy Riley and upon graduating, signed a deal with him.

Since the early 1990’s, the 13-time Grammy Award winner has worked with just about every name in the game imaginable including Jay-Z, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Nelly, Babyface, Justin Timberlake, Kelis and Kendrick Lamar. He has collaborated on some of the best-selling singles worldwide such as “Get Lucky,” “Give It To Me,” and “Blurred Lines.” Although he is most known for his production skills, Pharrell also has his own discography of hit music. Williams has three solo albums: In My Mind (2006), G.I.R.L.(2014), Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1 (2024) and six collaboration albums (five with N.E.R.D. and one with The Neptunes).

As impactful as he is in music, Williams is also one of the most influential and iconic celebrities in the fashion world. In 2005, the Virginia Beach, Virginia native partnered with Japanese fashion icon Nigo to create the streetwear brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream footwear. He has collaborated in different capacities with countless brands such as Chanel, Adidas, G-Star RAW, Louis Vuitton and Moncler just to name a few.

Outside of fashion, Pharrell has had his hands in many other ventures as well. In 2014, he was the executive producer for the crime comedy-drama film Dope. Verizon partnered with Williams on April 26, 2019, to launch a tech-fused music curriculum in Verizon Foundation Learning schools nationwide. The education organization under Verizon Foundation works toward providing free technology, internet access, and a technology-focused curriculum to under-resourced middle schools.

Let’s not forget personal care products! In 2020, Pharrell launched a skincare line called Humanrace, which upon release, sold out in less than 24 hours. Speaking of skincare, one thing fans can’t help but always acknowledge is how young Pharrell still looks. He has always been adamant about taking care of his skin. We are all in awe of how every year it seems like he is getting younger. In celebration of the mogul’s legacy and his 51st birthday, here’s a gallery of some of the most ageless photos of Pharrell Williams.