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Happy Birthday, to Frank Ocean’s first album baby Channel Orange. The timeless project was released 12 years ago today (July 10). The mysterious R&B singer hasn’t released a full body of work since Blonde and Endless in 2016. Yet, fans are just as obsessed with Frank Ocean like it’s the first day we heard his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra.

Ocean’s last official music release was the double A-side single “Dear April” and “Cayendo” back in April 2020. Fans were grateful to hear the singer’s angelic voice again that they didn’t bother to ask when a full body of work would be released. Somehow, the four projects he has released since 2011 have become global treasures for fans to hold onto for years to come. No one questions an artist like Frank when he doesn’t make new music. Fans just cherish his discography and repeatedly blast his timeless music like Channel Orange as if it is 2012 all over again.

With hit songs like “Thinkin Bout You,” “Pyramids,” and “Pink Matter,” Frank cemented himself as an R&B icon in music. These songs ring off like the very first time whenever played, reminding fans of the nostalgic feeling Frank gave them all these years ago.

Frank gifted us with music that will last a lifetime. He even (kinda) headlined Coachella in 2023. A live performance is something to look forward to from the talented singer and songwriter. Surely, a creative being like Frank is working on something for himself or someone else. When that music could or would ever be released to the public is another question.

The mysterious artist is undoubtedly a Scorpio with his profound thoughts, secretive nature and passionate lyrics. Scorpios often step away from the public eye to nestle in their own shells, which is Ocean’s favorite thing to do. While we may not hear from Frank, we are equally just as obsessed with him since his music was introduced to the world.

Here’s why we are still obsessed Frank Ocean and his debut album Channel Orange 12 years later:

1. He’s Easy On The Eyes


2. Timeless Talent


3. Look At The Material


4. He’s 34 But The Cultural Impact Is REAL


5. An Angel


6. Few Bodies Of Work But ALL OF EM HIT


7. He’s HONEST


8. A Ghost But His Presence Is Felt


9. Healing the World


10. Happy Birthday, Frank!