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Welcoming you into Taurus season with grounding and stability. Aries season was a wild ride, applying pressure to your many manifestations. Now as we step into Taurus season, the sign represented by the headstrong bull is bringing you back to the world that exists right in front of you. Check out a gallery of our favorite celebrity Taurus’ below.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac falling between April 20 to May 20. The Venus-ruled Earth sign is grounded, sturdy and innately interested in the beauty of the natural world. After the intense vibes of Aries season, Taurus season is offering you the time to stabilize, get comfortable and welcome you back down to Earth.

This is the time to continue working hard while staying true to yourself. This season will also remind you that work isn’t the only thing in life to look forward to. The Taurus energy will encourage you to be more grounded din your reality while being in tune with your environment.

It makes sense that so many celebrities represent for Taurus season, because the girls are enamored by a soft life filled with serene energy and a love for the finer things in life. They have a strong desire for extravagance and contentment. Like the bull, be careful with a Taurus as they are prone to anger when probed, which can be terrifying. But hey, who doesn’t love a little spice?

Celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Janet Jackson and Kandi Burruss make up our list of glamorous Taurus to fan over as we enter their season. This list is filled with talent that soars beyond popular Hollywood films and music. You will notice the list is also filled with prolific activists and fearless leaders like Malcolm X, Coretta Scott King and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Check out a gallery of our favorite Taurus celebrities below:

1. Luther Vandross

Source:Luther Vandross

The late singer was born April 20.  

2. Killer Mike

Source:Killer Mike

The rapper and activist was born April 20. 

3. Shemar Moore

Source:Shemar Moore

The actor was born April 20.

4. Terrence J

Source:Terrence J

The actor and former media personality was born April 21. 

5. Syd


The singer was born April 23. 

6. Cedric the Entertainer

Source:Cedric The Entertainer

The comedian and actor was born April 24. 

7. Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins


The singer was born April 26. 

8. K Camp

Source:K Camp

The rapper was born April 27. 

9. Lizzo


The artist was born April 27. 

10. Coretta Scott King

Source:Coretta Scott King

The late author and activist was born April 27. 

11. Senator Cory Booker

Source:Cory Booker

The US Senator was born April 27. 

12. Duke Ellington

Source:Duke Ellington

The late musician was born April 29. 

13. Master P

Source:Master P

The rapper and entrepreneur was born April 29.

14. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Source:The Rock

The actor was born May 2. 

15. James Brown

Source:James Brown

The late musician was born May 3. 

16. Jidenna


The artist was born May 4. 

17. Shameik Moore

Source:Shameik Moore

The actor was born May 4.

18. Chris Brown

Source:Chris Brown

The singer was born May 5. 

19. Bresha Webb

Source:Bresha Webb

The actress was born May 6. 

20. Chris Paul

Source:Chris Paul

The athlete was born May 6. 

21. Rico Nasty

Source:Rico Nasty

The rapper was born May 7. 

22. Coi Leray

Source:Coi Leray

The rapper was born May 11.

23. Cam Newton

Source:Cam Newton

The athlete was born May 11. 

24. Minister Louis Farrakhan


The religious leader was born May 11.

25. Ving Rhames


The actor was born May 12. 

26. Stevie Wonder


The singer was born May 13. 

27. Dennis Rodman

Source:Dennis Rodman

The former athlete and Hall of Famer was born May 13.

28. Pusha T

Source:Pusha T

The rapper was born May 13. 

29. Janet Jackson

Source:Janet Jackson

The singer was born May 16. 

30. Kandi Burruss


The singer was born May 17.

31. Lena Waithe

Source:Lena Waithe

The actor, producer and screenwriter was born May 17. 

32. Karrueche Tran


The actress was born May 17. 

33. Grace Jones

Source:Grace Jones

The model was born May 19.

34. Malcolm X


The late activist was born May 19. 

35. Busta Rhymes

Source:Busta Rhymes

The rapper was born May 20. 

36. Kehlani


The singer and songwriter was born April 24.