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Hulu Little Fires Everywhere Press Brunch

Source: Erik Voake / Getty

As a part of the Child Mind Institute’s Getting Better Together campaign, 17-year-old Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood has opened up about struggling with anxiety and depression. In a new clip for Mental Health Awareness Month, Lexi reveals she’s been grappling with those particular issues since she was a kid, but says family, therapy, and meditating help a lot.

“Ever since I was younger, I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression. I was asked what or who gives me hope when I’m feeling alone or going through a tough time,” Lexi said. “My family is always there for me when I need to talk about how I’m feeling, but I also have a therapist that I turn to whenever I’m feeling down. Something I love doing that calms my spirit whenever I’m feeling sad or anxious is meditating. Just giving my mind, body, and soul at least 10 minutes a day of just pure silence and stillness makes a major impact on my mood.”

Tune into her Getting Better Together campaign video below.

As the world begins to shed light on mental wellness and all that it entails, more and more celebrities are opening up to assist in making the topic less taboo. In the same vein, the Child Mind Institute’s Getting Better campaign features inspiring, homemade videos from celebrities who share their personal stories to support kids who are especially struggling during the pandemic. The Child Mind Institute hopes they will assist with eliminating stigma and encouraging kids to ask for help when they need it.

Gabby Sidibe, Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, Jay Ellis, and more have also joined the cause; tune in, plus more on the Getting Better Together campaign here.