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Jenard’s crew seeks seeks revenge as Tommy learns of a rivalry between Miguel and the Serbs that he and Diamond leverage to CBI’s advantage. Meanwhile, the Feds pursue a task force with Tommy at the center of the investigation.


Tommy tells Diamond that he took Chewy out. Diamond is not at all happy about the news. He reminds Tommy that he shouldn’t have made a move like that without him specifically because he just started a war that neither side will back down from. Diamond went on to explain that they should be focusing on making money and not vengeance or anything else. Although Tommy agreed, he stood strong in the thought that Chewy had to go or else everyone else would think that they could step all over them. When Jenard and his crew got wind of what Tommy did, they declared that it was on sight for Tommy. Luckily, Diamond still had his brother’s ear. He went and visited Jenard and warned him that he won’t be able to stop Tommy if he retaliates and that the money is the most important aspect of everything they’re doing. He further explains that bloodshed is expensive and tells his younger brother to not get into a war that he has no shot of winning. The potential war wasn’t the only thing Diamond was concerned with. While he was working at the shop, his parole officer pulled up on him and made him take a urine sample. Ironically enough, this happened at the same time that Tommy came so that the two of them could go meet up with Miguel. It seems that Diamond’s advice to his younger brother didn’t go unheard. After he previously told them it was on sight, Jenard changed his mind and told his soldiers to fall back on it for a while. One of those said soldiers named Lil K, was not trying to hear it and walked out on him. Jenard couldn’t worry about that too much because he soon after got a text from Miguel informing him that he needed his money the next day and better not be late. Later on, Lil K ended up at Shanti’s gym and vented to her about what was going on with Jenard. He expresses how Jenard has gotten soft and people don’t want to work for a p*ssy. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Jenard had soldiers ready to jump ship and he owed Miguel money, another thing popped up seemingly out of nowhere. Mirkovic (and the Serbs). It seems that Jenard promised him the Crimson Projects. There’s only one problem. CBI owns that territory and he hasn’t gotten it back from them. Mirkovic tells him that until he can get the area, he’ll continue making payments to him. He ended up giving the money he intended to give to Miguel to Mirkovic, putting him in a further bind. Jenard ends up venting at Shanti’s gym. She gives him the money he needs to cover his debt. Jenard thanks her for coming through for him. Before the moment gets too sentimental, she gives him some real spill. She hips him that his crew doesn’t trust him and he has to get his stuff together or they will all flea. Will Jenard get a grip and be the leader Treason thinks he should be? Will Diamond’s parole officer be a lingering problem? Also, his new love interest working at the prison…will that come back around?


Vic is still reeling over the death of Gloria. Tommy finds him at her gravesite miserable. He questions Vic about why he’s still working with his father. Tommy plants the idea of Vic starting his own organization or coming to work for CBI. When Vic declines and asks Tommy what he’s really there for, Tommy asks him if he knows who killed Lilliana. Vic lies and says that he doesn’t but if he hears anything, he’ll let Tommy know. Tommy gives Vic the same exact response when Vic asks him if he knows who deaded Dahlia. Meanwhile, Vic’s father Walter got offered a new business opportunity in the form of a bad batch of pills. Knowing that he was in debt with the family in Dublin, he really didn’t have a choice. Walter’s immediate thought was to sell the bad pills in an area he didn’t care about…a Black one. Paulie reminds Vic that he’s going to need his children’s help if he wants to successfully do anything on the Southside since he doesn’t have connections with anyone there. While Vic was in a state of depression, Claudia was making strategic moves. She slept with Brendan to get some valuable information. She learned that if their family doesn’t start bringing in more money, Dublin will kill him and put a cease to their organization completely. Walter visits Vic to try and recruit him to be involved in his new venture. Vic declines and tells his father that he thinks Claudia is the better pick. In the midst of the conversation, he spills that Claudia was the one behind Dahlia with Tommy, which comes as a surprise to Walter. He also tells his father that Tommy, Diamond and Jenard won’t just let him come and take over their territory. He ends by exclaiming that he’s not the pawn that his father is looking for. This leads Walter to Claudia. He offers her a seat at the table as the head of the new pill movement. Although she had questions and was hesitant, she accepts. Walter tells her it’s a deal but only if she talks to Vic and gets him on board also. Claudia finds Vic at a bar (No surprise). She explains the seriousness of the situation they’re in and that the family needs him. As the conversation gets a bit more heated, Claudia makes a comment about Gloria that completely throws Vic off, causing him to decline her offer and leave. Still spiraling, Vic ends up at a liquor store where he meets a woman who he takes to the bathroom. As they’re going at it, the store owner comes knocking at the door in hopes of getting them out. When he threatens to call the cops, Vic comes out with his gun pointing. He makes the man open the register and takes the money before leaving. A little later, Vic is pulled over by the cops. After he’s told not to move and he does, Vic is tazed and eventually arrested by the cops. Walter ends up bailing Vic out of jail. After apologizing and pleading to Vic, Walter convinces him to come back. The deal closer was Claudia not being involved anymore. Claudia is pissed when she finds out that Walter cut her out of the deal. Walter real reason for not wanting Claudia to be in charge comes out…she’s not a man. As she realizes she’s been played yet again…she angrily storms out. Vic ends up in the same place he started this episode…Gloria’s gravesite. In a drunken speech, he apologizes to her for not putting her first and reveals that his plan is to take his father down from the inside. How will Vic start to make his move on his father? What’s Claudia’s next play?


None of Tommy’s blood family were in this episode.


Trouble is never too far from Tommy, whether he brings it on himself or not. It only makes sense that as Tommy comes to drop off money to Miguel and reup, the Serbs do a drive-by at the spot. In an all out shootout, Tommy holds it down and actually saves Miguel’s life but is shot in the ribs. Afterwards, one of Miguel’s men mentions how dangerous Tommy is and Miguel responds by saying that he’s valuable too. While Tommy was getting stitched up by Mireya, he overheard some of Miguel’s men talking about where the drop was going to be the next day. As Tommy leaves, he learns a valuable lesson: Everything in Chicago is about territory. (He also learns that Miguel has eyes everywhere. One of Miguel’s guys mentioned Julio before the shootout). Their conversation is interrupted when Miguel’s grandmother pulls up. Although he tries to turn on his charm, she is very standoffish towards him. Although he explains that Tommy basically saved his life earlier, Miguel’s grandmother expresses her discomfort with Tommy and urges Miguel to be careful dealing with him. Miguel then goes on to tell her how the Serbs are messing up their business. She orders him to set up a meeting with El Ché. Once Tommy is back at the barbershop with Diamond, he tells him about what he heard the Mexicans talking about (their beef with the Serbs and the incoming shipment). Tommy starts to concoct a plan. When he goes to meet with El Ché, Miguel shares what the Serbs did to them earlier in the day. He tells him that he can’t let it slide. Come to find out, El Ché supplies both Miguel and the Serbs. El Ché orders him to leave it alone. He tells him that if he finds out that he went after the Serbs without his permission, he would kill him, his sister and his whole family. We soon see Tommy’s plan unfold. First, him, Diamond and a couple CBI members ambush and kill two Serbs at a warehouse. Then, they kill two Mexicans who work for Miguel before stealing the shipment. When Miguel arrived at the scene…it looked as if the Serbians robbed them for everything (exactly how Tommy planned it). Miguel immediately forgot about what he had just talked to El Ché about and declared that all the Serbians were dead! Back at his crib, Tommy revealed his master plan to Diamond. He explained how he wanted to let the Mexicans and Serbs fight it out while they expanded their territory. He went on to explain that once the time was right, they would come right in and link with the Cartel themselves. Is there an all out war on the horizon? What will El Ché do if Miguel actually retaliates?


The episode began with us being introduced to Detective Bobby DiFranco at the scene of Chewy’s murder. No one at the scene seemed to know anything about the shooting until DiFranco bribes a homeless man who gives him some valuable information. Chicken Wing (the homeless man) tells him that Chewy was a ‘pancake,’ in other words…he switched sides from CBI to Treason. Elsewherre, US Attorney Stacy Marks breaks the news to her co-workers that they were not approved to put together a task force. Stacy goes to one of her associates at the Department of Justice. It isn’t until Stacy mentions that getting a task force on Tommy might get them a straight line to the Mexican Cartel that she listens. She tells Stacy that if she can get the backing of the Chicago Police Department that she might be able to make it happen for her. The break that Stacy was looking for came in the form of Lil K. As Tommy was eating in his parked car, Lil K let off a magnitude of shots at his car…eventually killing an innocent little girl walking with her family. We find out that Detective DiFranco and Attorney Marks are married! As they’re in the car discussing how Stacy needs Bobby to put in a word with his commander to speak to the superintendent about the task force (We find out that Stacy filed a racial suit against the department in the past), Bobby gets a call about the shooting and tells Stacy he must take her home. When he arrives on the scene, he finds out a an eight year old girl was slain. He also peeps that the superintendent is already there. He calls Stacy and lets her know that she’s going to get her task force after all. What does this task force that’s about to form mean for Tommy and all the players in Chicago? What will there approach to catching Tommy be? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen in the next one in the comments!