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Happy Birthday, Regina King! The award-winning actress and director celebrates her 53rd birthday today (Jan. 15). In over 35 years, King has graced our screens in countless, unforgettable roles. To celebrate the Capricorn boss, watch a video timeline of Regina King’s most prolific roles to date inside.

King sat down with Vanity Fair last year to discuss her career so far. She shares a timeline of onscreen highlights from her early days in John Singleton’s cult classic film Friday to her TV movie directorial debut with Kemp Powers’ One Night in Miami.

“I do something different for every role that I play,” King shares in the Vanity Fair segment. “It’s part of the preparation.”

Regina King has portrayed some of the world’s most beloved characters including Huey and Riley from iconic animated series, The Boondocks, her unforgettable and award-winning performance as Angela Abar in Watchmen, and legendary Old West outlaw Trudy Smith in The Harder They Fall. King is a student to the game, and she consistently brings herself to each role creating instant fan-favorite characters.

In the Vanity Fair segment, King shared intimate details of her journey. She expressed gratitude to the people she has been blessed to work with throughout the years. King also notes that, without great figures like Marla Gibbs and John Singleton, she would not have grown exponentially in her life and career.

“The beauty of my life is that I have been working for over 35 years and it’s still different,” King adds in the video.

We wish the Queen (KING) a very Happy Birthday! Check out a timeline of Regina King’s top career moments to date:

1. 1985 – ‘227’ as Brenda Jenkins


King recalled doing the play 227  before securing the role on the hit series. She often shares how much Marla Gibbs played a role in teaching her the foundation of being an all-around talent. 

2. 1991 – ‘Boyz n the Hood’ as Shalika

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King talks about the lessons learned from sitcom role to feature film role with the help of the late, great director John Singleton.

3. 1995 – ‘Friday’ as Dana

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King didn’t know at the time the film would go on to become a cult classic. She recalls, “It didn’t feel like we were shooting a film.”

4. 1998 – ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ as Vanessa


As King continues to waltz down memory lane, she recalls when she and Angela Bassett’s shared their first film together. She also thanks the movie for helping her discover the importance of backstory when she is developing a character. 

5. 2005 – ‘The Boondocks’ as Huey and Riley

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It’s Huey and Riley. A forever classic brother duo. King knows she’s an icon for The Boondocks.

6. 2009 – ‘Southland’ as Lydia


King remembers making the decision to go back to tv for her son. She also celebrated that it takes place in her hometown of Southland. Most importantly, they supported her journey to acclaimed director. 

7. 2018 – ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ as Sharon Rivers

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“How could I not want to be involved,” King fondly remembers. “What an amazing gift the universe can give.”

8. 2019 – ‘Watchmen as Angela Abar – 2019


Her Emmy Award-winning performance as Angela Abar was destined. The role of Angela Abar fell right in her lap. 

9. 2020 – ‘One Night In Miami’ as Director

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“[Until] ‘I would do whatever I can to tell this story’ came along,” she shares. “Kemp Powers One Night in Miami finally came my way.”

10. 2021 – ‘The Harder They Fall’ as Trudy Smith


“I love the way they talk in New Orleans,” King remembers of becoming Trudy Smith. “So I decided to root a little of my accent. My dialect. A little Louisiana inspiration.”