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Teens in masks running a charitable second hand clothing sale

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It’s Black History Month! Be sure to support a Black-owned business today. Instead of visiting a traditional Goodwill or Value Village thrift store, we are highlighting some of the trendiest Black-owned online thrift boutiques featuring the latest vintage and up-cycled finds.

There are a ton of stores dedicated to sustainable fashion using repurposed clothing and fabric from all over. This is a new take on the dreadful “hand-me-downs” you received from your older brother or sister. In an effort to rid our planet of fashion waste, we must find alternative ways to purchase clothing.

Fashion waste stems from a number of issues. One of the biggest causes are large fast fashion brands that will remain nameless. Fast fashion refers to clothing made quickly and cheaply to meet the demand of ever-changing style trends. These clothes are usually poorly made, leading consumers to toss them out as quickly as the trend fades. It subsequently causes long-lasting environmental issues that are detrimental to our bodies and our planet.

In an effort to highlight Black businesses during Black History Month, we have compiled a list of our favorite thrift shops that focus on sustainable fashion. These companies and brands are helping the planet one vintage piece at a time. From notable brands like Washington Ave to up-and-coming shops like Thriftee Nickel, these consignment shops feature one of a kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s celebrate Black history with these Black-owned businesses, creating sustainability within our communities. When we support sustainable fashion, we’ll reap benefits across the world! Check out the gallery of shops below.

3. Random and Chic


High fashion vintage clothing that’s often hard to come by. 


7. Nostalgia Boutique


Vintage clothing, antique furniture, and home decor with a physical store located in Purcellville, VA.


8. Approved Shop

Source:Approved Shop

Approved Shop offers one-of-one up-cycled and sustainable pieces. They also produce exclusive merch capsule collections with inspiring messages for the community. 


10. Gizmo Vintage Honey


This company is creating the art of selling vintage clothing through music and dance. Located in Brooklyn, NY, but you can also shop via the Instagram page. 


11. Glazed Studio

Source:Glazed Studio NYC

Glazed NYC is a multidisciplinary studio excavating history within the realms of fashion, film, music and art while utilizing design as a vehicle for storytelling and community building.