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Happy National Fragrance Day! A fabulous and alluring scent always leaves a lasting impression. Celebrities tapped into the fragrance industry in the 1980s, creating their own special perfumes and fragrances for their fans to be a little bit closer to them. Check out a gallery of the most popular celebrity fragrances inside.

The fragrance industry credits Italian actress Sophia Loren with creating the first celebrity fragranced. She released her self-titled perfume, Sophia, in 1981. It was created with legendary fragrance company Coty and started a wave of celebrity fragrances.

Since then, iconic celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Michael Jordan, and Elizabeth Taylor have released their own fragrances. Fans may recall Rihanna’s Nude perfume having everyone in a chokehold in 2012. Now, she has a new scent with Fenty Beauty called Fenty Eau de Parfum by Rihanna.

In a viral interview, Beyoncé talks about her perfume True Star on the “Late Show with David Letterman.” Though the mega star’s special fragrance hasn’t maintained its status on the list of most popular fragrances created by celebrities today, it definitely had the girlies rushing to their nearest cosmetic store in 2005.

The good people at FragranceX looked at sales data from the site between April 2021 and April 2022 to determine the best celebrity perfumes today. Singer and actress Ariana Grande takes up the top 3 spots with her popular fragrances Cloud, Sweet Like Candy and Ari. Her perfume Cloud has become extremely popular after several social media posts reveal it’s the Baccarat dupe.

Here’s a full list of the top 35 fragrances created by celebrities:

Rank Fragrance Name Celebrity
1 Cloud Ariana Grande
2 Sweet Like Candy Ariana Grande
3 Ari Ariana Grande
4 White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor
5 Thank U, Next Ariana Grande
6 Nude Rihanna
7 Paris Hilton Paris Hilton
8 Wonderstruck Taylor Swift
9 Fantasy Britney Spears
10 Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Lady Gaga
11 Unforgivable Sean John (Sean Combs)
12 JV X NJ Cologne Nick Jonas and John Varvatos
13 Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker
14 Curious Britney Spears
15 Pink Friday Nicki Minaj
16 Jordan Michael Jordan
17 Can Can Paris Hilton
18 Minajesty Nicki Minaj
19 CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo
20 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan
21 Moonlight Ariana Grande
22 Fancy Jessica Simpson
23 Glow Jennifer Lopez
24 Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Baby Gwen Stefani
25 Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
26 Miami Glow Jennifer Lopez
27 Rose Rush Paris Hilton
28 Reb’l Fleur Rihanna
29 Rogue Rihanna
30 Sparkling White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor
31 Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift
32 3AM Sean John (Sean Combs)
33 Legend Michael Jordan
34 Seduction In Black Antonio Banderas
35 Adam Levine Adam Levine

Check out a gallery of the top 10 celebrities with beloved fragrances below:

1. Ariana Grande “Cloud”


2. Ariana Grande “Sweet Like Candy”


3. Ariana Grande “Ari”


4. Elizabeth Taylor “White Diamonds”


5. Ariana Grande “Thank U, Next”


6. Rihanna “Nude”


7. Paris Hilton “Paris Hilton”


8. Taylor Swift “Wonderstruck”


9. Britney Spears “Fantasy”


10. Lady Gaga “Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid”