The nation and parts of the world are still in isolation as we try to slow the spread of Coronavirus, which means people who are considered “at-risk” (the elderly, the immunosuppressed, etc.) need to continue to be extremely careful. One man has been away from his longtime love for quite a while, as she lives in a nursing home that is not accepting visitors due to the risk of infection. In a video that has since gone viral, the man is at his lady Lauren’s window as she cries to him.

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“My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and had to be moved into a memory care center. My grandfather visits her every single day,” the captions on the video read. “They have dinner together and he tucks her into bed every night. Visitors are no longer allowed but he still goes to tell her he loves her.”

“I need to be with you,” Lauren says through the window, to which he gently responds “I’d like to be with you too, but because of the illness we can’t do it. There’s a new virus going around and that’s why everybody’s got the masks on and they have to stay away from people. So, this is the best we can do for now.”

As Lauren begins to cry, the nurse is overheard comforting her. Watch the tearful clip above. We are keeping this family in our prayers, as well as praying the deadly pandemic is contained sooner rather than later. Prayers up!