Go “Behind The Battle” with OneX, in collaboration with Facebook Watch to get an insider understanding of the inner workings of the legendary “Sonic Boom Of The South…” AKA the Jackson State University marching band.

The new OneX 10 part series gets off to a roaring start as male and female members of the Jackson State University Tigers Sonic Boom of the South marching band detail the signature elements of their performances.

From the rocking movement the band does, to the plumes atop their hats, that contribute to the bands iconic “swing and sway,” band members detail the importance of keeping in perfect time with the entire band in order to keep their look uniform.

And since we’re talking about uniforms, we might as well remind you that the Sonic Boom’s colors are an icy baby blue, paired with black and white.

Check out the first episode below:

There is absolutely nothing like an HBCU marching band! We’re definitely looking forward to continuing this journey “Behind The Band.” Stay tuned for a new episode next week.