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We celebrate and support all things Black year-round, but Black History Month is the time to do so in abundance! This Black History Month has one additional day, so we had to keep it going with a special quiz. Find out how Black you are by taking the quiz inside.

Being Black isn’t a walk in the park, for so many reasons, but we think we speak for the majority when we say even if we had a choice, we wouldn’t have been born any other way. From tech to fashion to entertainment, our people are the driving force behind pop culture and all things cool — and have been since the outset.

If you know us, you know we are the masters of turning nothing into something and throwing humor on absolutely everything. Being Black definitely means bonding over our struggle as a people, but we also bond over our innate ability to have fun. This month, and every month, we want to celebrate those of us who keep it G no matter the time, place, or circumstance, as well as our ancestors who taught us how to move in a world full of vultures.

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Take our quiz below to find out where you fall on the scale of Blackness. On a scale of one-drop to Blackity Black, how Black are you really? These cultural questions will reveal the truth. Happy Black History Month!