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Couple chatting during a home Christmas dinner

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The time has come for the family to gather around the table again for a feast filled with turkey, dressing and your Aunt’s famous mac and cheese. As we approach the holidays, one question that haunts us is: “How soon is too soon to introduce your new boo?” We talked with dating expert, Marni Kinrys, about a few questions you should ask before bringing your partner home.

Relationship expert and founder of “The Wing Girl Method,” Kinrys has garnered over 70+ million views and 759k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is also the host of “The Ask Women” podcast and author of Get Inside Her: Dirty Dating Tips & Secrets From A Woman.

Kinrys is giving insight into what couples should be asking each other and themselves in preparation for the busy holiday season when it comes to meeting the families, exchanging gifts and holiday work party etiquette.

One of the first steps to any successful relationship is proper communication. Be sure you have the conversation BEFORE you make any plans.

Here are five questions to ask your partner before the holiday festivities:

Have you clarified your relationship/is it mature enough?

This question is number one on the list for obvious reasons. Do NOT bring him/her home if you aren’t even sure of the status of your relationship. Has it been two weeks or two months?

Have you set boundaries with your family?

Boundaries are difficult for any relationship, but especially for family. Family members have no couth. They are usually the first to ask those awkward, unnerving questions like when are you having children? Ma’am, just pass the turkey please.

Are you willing to explain your family dynamics with your significant other?

Each family is different. Make sure your partner understands what they are getting into before the invite is sent.

Do you see a future with your partner?

Be honest with yourself and your partner. It is no point in introducing your family to someone who may not be around for awhile.

What does spending the holidays together mean to your partner?

You may love the holidays but does he/she celebrate the occasion? Sometimes the introduction has more to do with our egos and family’s expectations than spending that quality time together.

The point is to be open, honest and communicate with your partner before having any expectations for the holidays. Use these questions as the foundation for your conversation.

Thanks Marni Kinrys for the relationship tips. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.