A video of Meg Thee Stallion‘s NPR Tiny Desk performance went viral this week. However, while her voice and signature personality was present throughout the video, her face was not her owns.

The people over at Myster Giraffe placed Steve Harvey‘s face over Meg’s face resulting in mustache-filled hilarity.


On Mystery Giraffe’s website, they describe themselves as “a combination of creative thinkers, VFX gurus, and compelling storytellers.” The site explains, “When put in a room together the output is fresh, original ideas and stories never before seen. Our mission is to create and develop these otherworldly ideas in a new technologically-powered medium.”

Their fresh ideas seem to be working because their Steve Thee Stallion mashup went viral on social media.




If you were all about the face mashups, don’t worry, Myster Giraffe has plenty of mashups to keep you entertained, including….

Trevor B


Christopher Hudson


And Legend Teigen


Surely there’s more to come.