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New business ventures take shape for the Thomas family, but the outlook is bleaker for the Mathis brothers as Ronnie’s patience runs out. Raq makes a risky move for Kanan’s obedience.

The last episode ended with us seeing how successful Kanan and Famous’ business was moving. This episode began with one of their delivery boys (Jevon) getting chased and eventually arrested by the cops. Kanan tapped a lifeline and called Uncle Lou to come and get him out. Before he did the favor for his nephew, Lou warned Kanan that he didn’t know what he was into but he knew it wasn’t good. While that was going on, Raq was busy putting the finishing touches on purchasing a new property. After signing the paperwork, Raq noticed the realtor talking two cops who motioned her to come over also. The cops introdcued themselves and let Raq know that they were in a very dangerous neighborhood where vandalism and property damage took place a lot. They implored that she form a relationship with them considering that they could help make sure nothing happens to her property. The conversation took an unpleasant turn and eventually ended when the cops brought up Kanan. The cops told Raq that they did reseasrch on Raq when they found out she was in the process of buying the property. Raq was clearly annoyed by the fact the cops had been keeping tabs on her and especially Kanan. Someone else who has been keeping eyes on them two is Ronnie. The first time we see him in this episode we’re also introduced to Pop and Snaps, a married couple consisting of two retired hustlers turned mentors/financiers to up and comers. The topic of their conversation was Unique. Snaps spoke highly of Unique and told Ronnie that if Unique told him to sit tight while he figures things out, he should do that. Ronnie quickly rebuttled by informing Snaps and Pop that Unique’s judgment is being clouded since he’s got something going on with Raq. Pop suggested that if Ronnie didn’t want to wait on Unique, he should get up and get it himself. After Ronnie told them that he didn’t have any funds, the two offered to loan him some money to help get him back on his feet. Their only condition was that some other people had to throw in also and they wanted a return on their investment.

While Ronnie was discussing his brother’s moves or lack there of, Unique was setting Quân straight. Quân’s cousin complained to him that business wasn’t moving at all. Unique had to let him know that it’s going to take a bit of time and if they didn’t like it, he’d go elsewhere. Quân obviously believes in him because he told him he’d give him more time. Gerald might’ve been out of time last episode if Marvin didn’t come rescue him. Marvin pulled up to his job to return his ID and other belongings from the night. While discussing what transpired, Gerald shared how he only ended up in that situation because he misses Reneé and their group. Marvin must have also being missing the void that the group left because he quickly offered that the two start their own group where they hold each other accountable. Of course Gerald gladly accepted. Back at the police station, some special agents had more questions for Detective Howard about Crown Camacho and his death. Just like he has been all season, he didn’t give them anything new or useful, just the same consistent story that blames Crown. The agents also asked him how his shooting was coming along before he left which shows that it’s still an open unsolved case. Something else that seemed to be unsolved to this point was whether or not Juke would continue singing or go to the Army. We caught up with her for the first time this episode at a clinic where she was apparently getting a physical/check-up in preparation for basic training. It seemed as if she finally made her decision. One person who still has a lot of decisions to make is Unique and Pernessa isn’t making it easy for him. While he was trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal, she confronted him about if he was dealing with other women or not. Of course he denied the accusations and did his best to reassure her that he was doing everything he had to do to take care of them.

The woman Unique has been creeping with had other things on her mind…like her son. Raq made her way to Kanan’s school to put eyes on him since she hadn’t seen him in some time. When she arrived, she noticed that he had new friends that she asked him about. Before the conversation could go anywhere, the bell rang and Kanan made his way into the building. As she watched him walk away, you can tell she got an idea. Ronnie also had an idea and it included Deen. He decided to make his way to the place where Deen’s grandmother plays bingo and ask for work. Deen explained that he doesn’t mess with Ronnie or Unique and he wouldn’t give him anything. Ronnie didn’t like the answer he got and grabbed Deen before he was escorted out by security. Deen wasn’t the only person who received a surprise visit. As Marvin and Jukebox watched television together, the door rang. It just so happened to be a representative from the group named N’Kiyah coming to tell Juke that she made it. She then laid out their plan for the group. Marvin interjected and made sure that she knew Juke was going to be herself no matter what. N’Kiyah expressed that Juke being a tomboy fits their plan for the group. This was music to Juke’s ears and she told Marvin and N’Kiyah that she was in. Kanan was in a tough spot when Paul came by to inform him that he was losing money because he was losing drivers. Kanan told him that he’d get more drivers and talk to the current ones about the hours they’re working for him. He also gave Paul some money to hold him over. Later, we see Raq camping outside of Famous and Kanan’s crib waiting for him to leave. When he departs, she makes her way into the building not knowing that she’s being watched (and photographed more specifically) by the feds. Once again Raq catches Famous alone. Remembering what Kanan said before, Famous is hesitant to let her in. Once inside, Raq plants a gun in Kanan’s bookbag…right in front of Famous. She told him that he didn’t see anything and he didn’t know anything before giving him another fat wad of cash to keep him quiet.

It turns out that when Kanan left he was going to meet up with Jukebox. He caught up with her at a pizza spot and congratulated her on making it into the group. Kanan told his cousin that he made them a reservation at a fancy restaurant/ After brushing over Juke’s question about how he got the money to pay for it, he told her to go home and change clothes. At dinner Kanan let Juke know how proud of her he was and that he loved her. She echoed his sentiments and made sure he knew that no one would ever take her away from him. Back at his crib, a remorseful Lou expressed how bad he feels for letting Juke down. Marvin slightly reprimands him then breaks the news that Juke killed it and she’s in the group. The information lightened Lou’s mood tremendously. He told Marvin that there was a spot in Manhattan that he wanted to show him. At the bar, Marvin, Lou and Shirley discussed the future of the place. She shared that she only had about two more years to be working there and she would love to work with some young guys who could reimagine, rebuild and eventually run it one day. Lou voiced an idea of putting a studio in the back room of the spot to get the artists on wax. That was enough for Marvin as he confirmed that he was in. Ronnie was still trying to get in good with whoever would have him. He caught Joaquin and Juliana as they were leaving a restaurant. He asked them for product and of course they declined. Ronnie pled his case by saying that he didn’t know what happened with Unique and it didn’t matter. Juliana seemed a lot more intrigued with Ronnie than Joaquin, who again declined and told him good luck. Meanwhile, Unique was where we’ve seen him a lot this season…Raq’s house. After they shared dinner, she told Unique that Kanan would be coming home soon. She continued by saying that she can’t have any wildness around her or him and that they should pump the breaks on what they have going on. Unique understood and the two made love for “the last time.”

Raq’s plan went into motion the next day. At school, the gun Raq put in Kanan’s bag went off in the medal detector. When Raq arrived, she played an upset parent perfectly. She expressed how disappointed she was in Kanan while he kept trying to plead his case saying the gun wasn’t his. Kanan’s principal let them know that someone in the police department is looking out for him so charges won’t be pressed. Kanan wasn’t off the hook though. The principal added that a social worker would be visiting them randomly to check Kanan’s progress and the suitability of the living conditions within Raq’s home. She continued by saying if Kanan violated the terms given by his social worker, he’ll be sent to juvenile and charges will be filed against him…and Raq. In the midst of Kanan’s life changing, Juke’s was too. She met her two new group members, Iesha and Krystal, before N’Kiyah laid down the law and let the girls know what they could expect over the coming weeks. When the meeting with the principal was over, Kanan tried to convince Raq that the gun wasn’t his one more time. She said she couldn’t believe him if she wanted to because they barely talk and she doesn’t know him anymore. An annoyed Kanan tells her that he’s going home, referencing Famous’. She quickly reminded him about the social worker and the repercussions that would come if things seemed out of place and told him that she’s not going to jail for his stuff. Kanan didn’t have a choice but to get in the car and go with Raq. Raq showed Kanan to his room in the new house and told him that she was glad that he was home. Kanan then sat there trying to figure out how he got to where he was and what his next move would be. It seems like Unique felt like he didn’t have a choice but to address Ronnie. When he brought up Deen, Ronnie acted as if he didn’t know what Unique was referring to even after Unique told him that he spoked to Deen directly. At the bar, as soon as he started to plot, Lou made it clear to Marvin that he didn’t want to move weight in there. Marvin agreed but it’ll be interesting to see for how long. Detective Howard made it clear to Raq that he can’t keep getting Kanan out of trouble and the fact that Kanan’s in trouble is on her. He also let her know that the feds were still asking questions about Crown which meant they still had eyes on her which meant they had eyes on Kanan. Before he left, Howard told Raq that he would no longer be taking her calls and she had to figure things out on her own. Ironically enough, Kanan was eavesdropping on the conversation. The clearest message sent in the entire episode was sent in the last scene. As Deen was in the middle of changing the batteries for his grandmother’s hearing aid, Ronnie snuck up from behind him and stabbed him to death…all while granny was sitting in the front room watching TV in the next room. Will things between Ronnie and Unique now come to a head? How will Kanan run his operation from Raq’s home? Will the cops find out any new information on Raq? How long will Howard’s secrets stay secrets? Will being in the group be the positivity Juke needs or will something bad happen again? Can Lou and Marvin make the club a success without moving weight in it? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!