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Alexis Ohanian posted a hilarious hand drawn note and illustration by him and Serena Williams’ eldest daughter Olympia Ohanian, where she shares a heartfelt message about her family. Though it’s pretty obvious, she almost leaves dad out of the picture. Check out the post and Alexis’ message inside.

It really be your own kids for real. The 7-year-old shared a special drawing and note with her family, which reads:

“Dear Mom and sis, dad. Both of you are the best mom and sis dad I love you both of you’re the best sis and mom, dad. I have. Love, Olympia.”

The note also featured two pretty massive drawings of her mom and little sister Adira River Ohanian. There’s a smaller figure next to the two red women drawings that seems to be an after thought to add her loving dad.

Dad took it like a champ saying, “This made me laugh so hard, I had to get it framed.”

Ohanian expressed on social media that he’s not even upset at him being added after the fact, but his drawing was small in comparison to Serena’s and Adira’s illustrations.

“I’m not mad that she clearly added me after the fact, but I am mad she drew me so damn small,” he added to his post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Fans flocked to the comments of a post published by @highlighther on Instagram.

One user said, “Olympia said ‘who run the world? GIRLS. And dad can be there too.’”

Another social media user agreed with Alexis’ remarks about being an afterthought.

“He was def an afterthought! Like ‘oh, I forgot he lives here too.’😂😂😂😂😂😂”

There were several comments that poked fun at the post.

“Damn she forgets the person that makes her all of those fancy pancakes?!? Lol,” another user added. Our thoughts exactly, because dad goes off with the morning meals.

“Alexis enjoying the shade in the shadows of the amazing women in his life 👏🏼👏🏼😂,” one social media user shared in the comments.

What’s a dad to do? Pray for Alexis in that powerhouse of women. Today (April 24) is also his birthday. The entrepreneur and tech investor turned 41-years-old today. Happy Birthday, Alexis!

Check out the post below: