Source: Ray Micksaw / FX

All season long, the goal of Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) has been to find Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) and retrieve the 73 million dollars that had been taken from him by the former CIA agent. Last week’s episode ended with Franklin getting a few steps closer to reaching that goal. In episode eight of FX’s Snowfall entitled ‘Ballad of the Bear,’ the ex-business partners finally came face to face.

The episode began with Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) meeting Franklin at Jerome’s (Joseph Amin) repast. Here, the two solidify their agreement to take Teddy down. Gustavo informs Franklin that he is ready but he’ll need one more favor and it has something to do with Franklin’s plane (we’ll get to this a little later). As Franklin walks Gustavo out, he hands him the money and passports that he requested for his family. Now with Gustavo on board, Franklin turned his sights to Louie (Angela Lewis), who confronted him about their conversation at the end of the previous episode. Franklin is very honest with her as he admits that the plan won’t work if she doesn’t agree to help him. Louie unenthusiastically agrees but emphasizes that she’s only doing it because she also wants to get from under Teddy. Franklin and Gustavo pull up to Louie’s home later that night. The two sit quietly as Louie calls Teddy and kickstarts the plan. Louie lies and says that Franklin had ran out of money and approached her about a loan. She continues by stating that she agreed to give it to him and the exchange would take place the next day, where she would have her people grab him. A very hesitant Teddy instructs her to meet him at a specific location once she has Franklin. To avoid feeling like he’s being double-crossed, Teddy warns Louie to only bring one member of her security team. Once Louie hangs up the phone, the plan is officially in motion. Although every one arounds him seems a bit worried, Franklin reassures them that as long as Gustavo shows up, everything will work out exactly how it’s supposed to. If he doesn’t, Franklin knows he’s probably toast.

Before Gustavo met with Franklin and Louie, he had to check in with Tony (Scott Subiono). The DEA agent mentions how he’s noticed that Gustavo’s behavior has been a bit off. Due to feeling like he can’t trust him, Tony informs Gustavo that when he goes to pick up the shipment of cocaine from the Colombians, he’ll be accompanied by fellow DEA agent Amanda (Danielle Larracuente). The next day, Gustavo says his last goodbyes to Xiamara (Joey Marie Urbina) and the boys. Gustavo gives her a piece of paper that has a number to an answering service. He tells her that he’ll check for messages weekly and if he doesn’t hear from her, he’ll assume that they made it to their destination safely. Gustavo leaves and it’s revealed to us that he’s being watched by Ruben (Alejandro Edda). When Gustavo and Amanda get to the desert to pick up the drugs, the Colombians are suspicious of Gustavo’s guest. He makes a joke that she’s DEA before telling them she’s his cousin. Amanda is alarmed by Gustavo’s behavior and abruptly calls Tony to tell him about the incident. He suggests that she make a call to check in on Gustavo’s family to make sure that nothing seems fishy. Later, Teddy ends up in the car with Tony again. As they’re on their way to plant the drugs at the warehouse, Gustavo stops by a pay phone. First, Gustavo calls Franklin’s pager, which is the green light Franklin and Louie needed to continue with the next step of their plan. Tony becomes even more suspicious of Gustavo when he picks up the phone again to make another call. As a very anxious Gustavo attempts to call Teddy, Amanda pulls up and tells Tony that Gustavo’s family is missing. Tony feels like Gustavo is playing games with them and decides to arrest him right then and there. He gives Gustavo the bad news that his immunity deal is out the window and adds that he’ll take care of Teddy himself.

With so many people after him, Teddy is knee deep in a very sticky situation. Earlier in this episode, he was offered a chance to alleviate some of his stress. His handler Steven Havemeyer (Matthew Alan) met with him and told him that the agency was ready to welcome him back once he transferred over Franklin’s stolen money. Although it seemed like Teddy was going to accept the offer, we later find out that’s not the case. In a conversation with Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale), a disordered Teddy tells her that he can’t hand over the money and because of that, the CIA is no longer a part of his future. Teddy doesn’t really have a concrete direction but wherever he’s going, he wants it to be with Parissa. Realizing this, he proposes to her and she excitedly accepts. Meanwhile, Franklin and Louie are continuing with their plan. The next step of it sees Franklin pulling up to a warehouse where Louie and Skully (De’aundre Bonds) are. To make Teddy believe everything is legit, Franklin must look like he’s actually been beaten. Skully declines to participate which leaves Louie. All the anger Louie feels is taken out on Franklin’s face. After Louie is done being Laila Ali, she receives a page from Teddy. When she calls him, he tells her that there’s a change of plans. Instead of making an exchange, Teddy wants Louie to drop Franklin off at a remote location. Louie and Skully drop off Franklin as they’re instructed. When it’s dark out, Teddy finally comes to pick up Franklin. Once he realizes that Gustavo isn’t there, Franklin begins to legitimately fear for his life. He tries to plead for his life but Teddy doesn’t want to hear it. Teddy kicks Franklin in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Tony has Gustavo handcuffed in the backseat of an unmarked car. While they’re transporting him, Ruben rams his car into theirs causing an accident (If it didn’t kill Tony, it at least knocked him out). Amanda was driving a truck in front of the car and pulls over when she notices what happened behind her. She walks over to the scene of the accident and tries to call for help. Before she can make the call, Ruben shoots her. He grabs a visibly hurt Gustavo out of the car and informs him that he’s going to take him to finish his mission. Teddy has Franklin tied up (with wire around his neck), dangling from the ceiling inside of the warehouse. The barrel under Franklin’s feet was the only thing keeping him alive as Teddy created a deadly chemical that he intended to inject into him. As Teddy was about to poke Franklin, Gustavo bursts into the room. He’s not alone though. Ruben is behind him holding him at gunpoint. Ruben orders Gustavo to take Teddy’s guns and tie him up to a forklift. As Gustavo does what he’s told, Teddy tries to whisper to Gustavo that he has one more gun strapped to his ankle. Ruben hears him and tells Gustavo to grab the gun and bring it over to him. This time, instead of listening, Gustavo charges at Ruben. The two start to fight and in the midst of their tussle, the barrel holding Franklin up is knocked over, leaving Franklin hanging and slowly dying. Gustavo eventually gets the advantage in the fight and knocks Ruben out. Afterwards, instead of helping Teddy, Gustavo decides to release Franklin (much to the dismay of Teddy who is still tied up). The episode ends with Gustavo asking Franklin what he wants to do. Franklin responds by laughing. WOW. After a full season of trying to catch Teddy, Franklin finally has his man. What’s his next move now that he has the upper hand? Will he finally find a way to get his money back? Is Gustavo finally home free? Is Ruben still alive? What will happen to the rest of the Saint family? Only two episodes left in the series! Drop your thoughts on the eighth episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week’s!