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See you later, Scorpios! It’s officially Sagittarius season and we’re rounding up our favorite celebrity Sag’s.

Some of our favorite celebrities celebrate their birthdays around this time. While Sag’s can be a bit problematic, often referred to as “Sagitterrorists,” we can’t help but to love them. The season begins Nov. 22 and ends Dec. 21. Before money making Capricorn’s enter the chat, we must honor some of the most fun people in the astrological world.

A few significant traits about Sagittarius’ is how much they value their independence and the ability to do what they want, when they want, above all else. It makes sense that many Sag’s are creative, flowing beings who are unafraid to pursue their dreams. They are adventurers, risk-takers and have a sharp business and sports mentality. Sag’s are known for their keen emotional intelligence, which makes it effortless for them to connect with others deeply.

Also, this sign is just a ball of energy! They are playful beings who live for excitement.

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Teyana Taylor and Jamie Foxx all celebrate their birthdays this season. Whether you hate them or love them, you can’t resist! So expect a lot of photos, partying and playfulness. No matter what sign you were born under, you could be feeling a lot more outgoing, direct, jovial and passionate during Sag season and we can’t blame you! Enjoy this time and restore your energy as we wrap up a long, tiring year.

Check out our roundup, in no particular order, of our favorite celebrity Sagittarius friends below! Comment your favorite and share with a Sag you love this season.

1. Nicki Minaj (Dec. 8)

Source:nicki minaj

2. Crissy Teigen (Nov. 30)

Source:crissy teigen

3. Jamie Foxx (Dec. 13)

Source:jamie Foxx

4. Janelle Monae (Dec. 1)

Source:janelle Monae

5. Samuel L Jackson (Dec. 21)

Source:Samuel L Jackson

6. Teyana Taylor (Dec. 10)

Source:Teyana Taylor

7. Zoe Kravitz (Dec. 1)

Source:Zoe Kravitz

8. Aria Brooks (Nov. 27)

Source:Aria Brooks

9. Britney Spears (Dec. 2)

Source:Britney Spears

10. DJ Khaled (Nov. 26)

Source:DJ Khaled

11. Miley Cyrus (Nov. 23)

Source:Miley Cyrus

12. Richard Pryor (Dec. 1)

Source:Richard Pryor

13. Jimi Hendrix (Nov. 27)

Source:Jimi Hendrix

14. Sarah Paulson (Dec. 17)

Source:Sarah Paulson

15. Trey Songz (Nov. 28)

Source:Trey Songz