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This week’s episode of “Abbott Elementary” is all about mural arts. There are a number of changes happening in and out of the Philadelphia elementary school. Check out our Episode 17 recap and fan reactions inside.

All the “Abbott Elementary” teachers love the school so much and go the extra mile to create a nourishing environment for the students. Jacob is MVP this episode after securing a visit from a mural arts program for his students, or at least we thought. He wasn’t pleased with the direction after his students created this sock mural concept that made a mockery of him.

Meanwhile, Barbara and Melissa discover parents are petitioning to turn Abbott into a charter school, which they are tirelessly working to change. Barbara goes the distance, revealing some hidden talents like her impressive British and Jamaican accents. Sheryl Lee Ralph, who portrays Mrs. Howard, is Jamaican. So, it’s not too shocking to true Ralph fans.

Then, there was the slow burn relationship we crave each week – Janine and Gregory. The kiss from the Teacher’s Conference episode sztill has our favorite awkward almost couple in shamble. They try to decide out how to tell Maurice (Vince Staples), which ultimately leads to a joint run in at “Bone Town.”

Be sure to catch Season 2, Episode 17 streaming now on Hulu.

Check out fan reactions below:

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